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Introduction to H.N. Stokes' Articles

by Daniel H. Caldwell

Before reading Dr. Stokes' series of articles, one might find it helpful to read the following two articles which give an overview of the issues involved in the Judge-Tingley Controversy by asking a series of relevant and insightful questions.

W.Q. Judge and the Tingley Succession

• The Occult Diary

The following two articles give a helpful summary of Dr. Stokes' conclusions and an opposing view:

•  A Summary of Dr. H.N. Stokes' Conclusions about the Controversy Surrounding Judge & Tingley

•  A Summary of the Views of the Editors of Theosophy Magazine Concerning the Claims about Mrs. Katherine Tingley

After reading the above material, one is in a better position to read and study:

• The Series of Articles by H.N. Stokes

I have added more than 40 appendices to Dr. Stokes' articles.  Many of the documents that Dr. Stokes refers to and quotes from have been reproduced in these appendices.

I have also added material that was not available to Dr. Stokes when he was writing his series of articles.

For example, I have published a transcription of Mr. Judge's diary for Oct-Dec. 1894.  This diary contains material on Mrs. Besant as well as on "Promise" ().  Some of the material in this diary is quoted in the EST Circular of April 3, 1896.

Several years ago I was allowed to personally examine this 1894 diary which was in Mr. Judge's handwriting.  At the time of my examination, the diary was in the safekeeping of a well-known student of Mr. Judge's writings.

I should state here that I have also seen two other Judge diaries.  One diary covered the time period Nov-Dec., 1888 when Mr. Judge went to England, Ireland and Germany.  The other diary had entries for the fall of 1891.   Both of these diaries are in Mr. Judge's handwriting and are preserved in the Archives of The Theosophical Society, Pasadena, California.

I have also seen photographic reproductions of A Series of Loose Sheets in William Q. Judge's Handwriting.   These reproductions are in the possession of another student of Judge's writings.

I have included in this web edition the previously unpublished but privately circulated title:

•  Some Reminiscences of William Q. Judge by Emil August Neresheimer.

I have added a number of photographs to some of the articles and documents. See especially:

•  Two Photos of Some of the Main Characters in the Judge-Tingley Controversy

Dr. Stokes' conclusions as given in his articles should also be considered in relationship to the following:

•  Some Testimony Concerning Mr. Judge's Close Relationship with Mrs. Tingley

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