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W.Q. Judge and the Tingley Succession

[Reprinted from The Canadian Theosophist, March 15, 1932, pp. 24-25.] 

It is said by some, and denied by others, that W.Q. Judge, for some years before his death, was in the habit of trying to get messages from the Masters through psychics, among whom the following have been mentioned:

(1) Miss Debar.
(2) Mrs. McKinstry.
(3) Mrs. Tingley.

a.  Is this allegation true as regards (1)?

b.  Is it true as regards (2)?

With regard to Mrs. Tingley -

c.  When did she first make W.Q.J.'s acquaintance?

d.  And in what circumstances?

e.  Is the account of her in the pamphlet "An Occultist's Life" correct, i.e., that she was an active and well-to-do philanthropist before joining T.S.?

f.  Or was it true, as sometimes stated, that she was a professional psychic or medium, and that Judge consulted her as such?

g.  Or that, while she had been a professional medium, Judge was never more than slightly acquainted with her, whether before or after she joined T.S.?

h.  On what grounds did the E.S.T. Council believe that Judge intended her to succeed him as Head of the E.S.T.?
     (1)  Did he say so in writing?
     (2)  Did he say so verbally to anyone?
     (3)  Was it inferred from the deference he may have been known to pay her?
     (4)  Or was it inferred from the opinion that she was a chela or adept, which some members of the Council
            had formed about her independently?
     (5)  Or was it because Hargrove produced an occult message to that effect?

i.  Was the so-called "Occult Diary" a bona fide document, i.e., was it actually Judge's Diary?

j.  Was it undoubtedly in his handwriting?

k.  Do the extracts published in the E.S.T. circular of April, 1896, fairly represent its contents?

l.  Was Mrs. Tingley mentioned by name in the "Occult Diary"?

m.  If not, why was it assumed that the person, spoken of as "Promise" was in fact Mrs. Tingley?

n.  Are the statements on the subject made by Hargrove in his E.S.T. circular of February, 1898, true?

o.  Is the account put forward by the authors of "Theosophical Movement", and their theory, entirely exonerating Judge from any part in the Tingley successorship, correct?

Note. - The points dealt with in the above questions are of great importance in the history of the movement.  Although the events in question took place so comparatively recently, there are as many conflicting theories about them as about the identity of the "Man in the Iron Mask".  Will not one of the few surviving persons, who have first hand knowledge of what really happened, clear up the mystery, and so remove what is at present a whole series of bones of contention between certain Theosophical groups?

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