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E.S.T. Circular of April 3, 1896




144 Madison Ave., New York City

All communications relative to this School to be addressed
to "Secretary E.S.T.," must be marked "PRIVATE" and
contain no other business.



April 3rd, 1896.


We send you herewith the following papers:  (a) A verbatim report of a general E.S.T. meeting held in New York at Headquarters on Sunday, March 29th, at 12:30 p.m; (b) New form of pledge; (c) Amendments to the Book of Rules.

This is done according to the directions of the late Outer Head, William Q. Judge.  The papers left by him provided for the future management of the School by the present Outer Head, a Council, and an Advisory Council in Europe.  The Outer Head is known to and is in communication with the Council, but, according to direction and for reasons in part explained in the report of the above mentioned E.S.T. meeting, the name and identity of W.Q. Judge's occult heir and successor is to remain unknown to the members in general for one year.  Speculations as to who this Outer Head may be are useless and will prove injurious if indulged in.  Both the name and person are practically unknown in the Theosophical Society, having been confided by Mr. Judge to but a very few chosen and trusted friends.  Needless to say, the Outer Head is not among those named as being on the Council.

The Council consists of the undersigned and other members to be added as soon as they have been communicated with.

The Advisory Council in Europe remains the same as heretofore.


You are requested to give the most serious attention to the new form of Pledge and to re-read the Book of Rules with the accompanying amendments before undertaking this solemn and binding obligation.  It differs but slightly from the pledge already taken by you, but these points of difference should be carefully considered, s they all have a purpose and if properly understood will pave the way to greater heights of attainment and close communion with that universal Self which is at once the radiation of the eternal Spiritual Sun and the light that shines within us all.

We are further directed to say to you that:

"By raising themselves to the point of Trust and Intuition, expected by the Master, which enables them to take the present pledge, members are actually advancing towards real Initiation; they are once more 'reborn,' their past is left behind and they being to receive THE NEW LIGHT THAT HAS GONE FROM THE LODGE."

We have only to add to the statements made by us at the E.S.T. meeting, minutes which are enclosed, that individually and unitedly we have continued to receive unmistakable proof that the Outer Head appointed by W.Q. Judge is in direct communication with the Masters, with H.P.B. and with the "luminous youth" or "Rajah," as that Adept has been variously named.  This latter fact depends solely upon our most solemn testimony, but those who knew and trusted W.Q. Judge should take his decision as final and sufficient in itself.

We are directed to inform you that twenty-one days from the date of your receiving these papers will be given in which you may decide whether you will accept or reject the provision made by the late Outer Head of the School for its management.   If you decide to accept, the accompanying form of Pledge should be written out by you, signed and sent to the Secretary of the E.S.T. at 144 Madison Avenue, New York, U.S.A., together with the printed form of acceptance you will find herewith, also to be signed by you.  If, on the other hand, you decide to reject the present management, you are requested to return all your papers "to the proper agent of the Head of the School," the Secretary as above stated.

It should, however, be borne in mind that this period of twenty-one days is not obligatory, and that an immediate reply by return mail with do much to add momentum to your own development and to the movement as a whole.  This


fact is not stated in order to hurry a decision, but for your information and possible benefit.

It is desirable that before the Convention of the T.S.A. to be held on April 26th, when a new cycle begins, all should have formed a decision.

Faithfully and fraternally yours,



MARCH 29, 1896, AT 12:30 P.M.

Ernest Temple HargroveAfter the usual opening, Mr. E.T. HARGROVE addressed the meeting as follows:

BROTHERS AND SISTERS: - In the first place, I have to ask you this question:  Is everyone in this room prepared to keep all the proceedings of this meeting absolutely confidential and private until such time as a report of them is sent to all members of the School?  if not, perhaps those not so prepared had better leave the room now before we proceed further.  Those who agree to this will please rise.  [All present rose.] I take it for granted therefore, that everyone present agrees that these proceedings shall remain absolutely private.   [Mr. Hargrove then proceeded]:

Since the departure from his poor worn body by our Chief, some of us have been examining his papers and have come across messages and letters of enormous importance and interest.  Not wishing to keep these things to ourselves but knowing that he would have desired that you also should share this knowledge, this meeting has been called in order that we may tell you something of what has been found.

Those of us on the platform are going to send out as soon as possible a letter which I will now read and which will form a fitting introduction to what I have to say further.


[The E.S.T. circular of March 29th was then read.]

Now in order that you may more fully appreciate the correctness of the statements made in that letter, I will read you one or two passages from the Chief's diary and from other papers that he has left behind which were not written for the benefit of others, but for his own use, and have all the more significance on that account.  You will notice, I think, the wonderful humility of this man, who was in constant communication with Masters, and who yet said so very, very little about it, even to those who were nearest to him.  I have simply taken these extracts at random, not for their bearing on the present state of affairs, but to show you that he was not left alone in his work.


November 2d, 1894:  " refers to Kansas City, Chicago and San Francisco s three very important points.  Also told me where the city of learning is to be.  Says others are not to know."

"Do not yet give out right doctrine of . . . It is not time.   The circular and order will be as much as they can digest.  It must be hurried for reasons you will see later. "

"In fifteen years there will be great changes here and the T.S. doctrines will subtly affect the people.  After another . . . . . "

Then one of his chief accusers "shown by ": 

"Two lights over head, black and white fighting.  Suspended in mid-air.  The feeling of one day one way, and another , another one.  This black and white fighting causes depression and low circulation.  You recognize her work, are pained for her state and the damage to T.S.  If love in T.S. ask it for her.   She should meditate not by the rules given her by dark man.  Before three years you and she will touch hands again as when H.P.B. was alive.  Then the real work of her life will begin. That is, if she lets the higher rule.   But if she follows ambition, the rules given by dark man, and her fancied sense of injustice rules, she will not have this opportunity."

On November 26th, 1894, there is the following entry in his diary as from

"The letter to The Westminster Gazette should be put in a New York paper.  They were arming before this to break you up in England.  There will be a division in England, part with you and part other.  M----- is on the fence.   There will be light spots left here and


there.  You must bring them together and gradually work them up.  Never submit to a Committee of Honor.  If you get down on that plane you will have to do it always.  You have much from H.P.B. which you have not given out, and you may give it also to your successor.  You will have a reorganization [indistinct] in London, with something added."

It should be especially noted here that he was not only advised on apparently unimportant matters, such as sending his reply to a New York paper, but that he was informed long in advance as to what the outcome in England would be.  You will have remarked the reference to his successor.

"Entered December 5th, 1894, from notes made Dec. 1st or Nov. 30th.     July Convention will be a lively one.   Much will be cut and dried by enemies to corner you and then drive you out."

The following bears directly upon the present condition of thing, both in T.S. and E.S.T. November 15th, 1894:

". . . After this is settled you must write a letter to T.S. on the danger of having or expecting constant communication with   under present or similar conditions.  The atmosphere of the world is now disturbed and so is the T.S.  Members of the T.S. are made to suspect.  Trust must be aroused.  Few are prepared to hear from .   Each cannot have a special benediction from .   Latent dislikes are aroused by these efforts.  They must aim to develop themselves in daily life in small duties.  has been obliged to let many go and suffer for their good, even if they have to wait another life.   When all is over they will see back of all this.   Windows of the cause are opened to dark powers by distrust of leaders and workers."

It is not clear whether that message is from H.P.B. or from his own inner self.

Many other extracts could be given, proving our Chief's constant intercourse with Masters, who once called him their "Colleague."  More of these extracts will be given out from time to time in the future.

Now in regard to the assistance which he received - assistance from a living person.  I am going to speak of this person, but not by name.  I will call that person "Promise."  That is not the real name.; it is simply invented by myself, and whether it is man, woman, or child, or merely a voice in the air, matters not in the least:  therefore I will speak of that person as "he."



It should first be stated that in Mr. Judge's occult diary he has entered messages and communications received through this person in the same way as he has entered his own, as from the Master; and this he has done in no other case, showing that "Promise" was the only person whom he placed on his own level of reliability in this respect.

In a long message received by him from H.P.B., extracts from which were read at a general E.S.T. meeting in New York about a year ago, these being at the same time sent to the Advisory Council in London, there are some important references to this chela:

"H.P.B., Jan. 3rd, 1895.  Yours is not a bootless [?] errand.   You have nobly sustained our cause in the crisis.  Be encourage.  Well did Master know the staunch fearless attributes of your soul when he directed me to make you leader of our craft in America.  As the centre of our force is attacked the more does our light work for the right.  Victory is ours.  All will end for the good of all.  Mistakes have been made, but you have not gone far from the lines laid down by Master.  My desire is for you to be careful about sending out Instructions to the E.S., for treacherous and unworthy persons are within the gates, and all new ideas will be appropriated by the other side after the split.

"Our dear chela, you have at last found your fellow chela, who was one of ours years ago, consecrated to the work then, and now by the Master's will brought face to face with you.  ----- and ----- [signs representing the inner selves of H.P.B. and "Promise"] is Raavais, linked with you in our work.  As your light shines into 'Promise's ' soul, fears will disappear as the dew before the sun.   Time will regulate all this.

["Your fellow chela" refers to a question put by H.P.B. to Mr. Judge when they first met.  She then asked him:  "why did you not bring along that chela?" - in regard to whom Mr. Judge then knew nothing.  She described this chela to him, gave him the chela's portrait which he for long carried in his pocket, but which he was later obliged to destroy.  When Mr. Judge last saw H.P.B. during her life-time, she said to him:  "You have not found the chela, and one mistake lay in destroying the portrait I gave you.  Master make it.  You will ----- ["Promise"] when you most need."  Another portrait of this chela was found, how-


ever, among our Chief's especially private papers.  This portrait is in the possession of the Council.]

"The forces are out and annihilation is the only thing that can interfere.  'Promise' should have been in place with us at the beginning, but for your folly and his lack of trust in the Master.  Let me tell you some of the things I have learned since I absented myself from the outer world.  Many of the problems of life that should have been solved if we had been more together have come up before me and I have learned much.  I am, next to the American work, interested in Spain.   Ireland can take care of itself.  In the pine woods I have found a Lodge which I knew something of before I went away.  There seven chelas and the light they show that some day will be better known, I will describe to you at our next meeting.   There is much connected with it that can be used for irradiating forces in this country, for there is a subtle connection.  Be sure that at our next meeting this is not forgotten.  Slowly the light from this Lodge is being thrown over Spain, and I see that from the old corpse of bigotry, superstition and credulity  will be reared a temple of light which will unite its forces with that of America and Ireland and from these three points I know that humanity will be saved.  This battle of light and darkness in our midst seems but small when I view the work before us, and the ends and prospects of our work shall stem the tide of this cruel and unworthy persecution.  Under all of it and over it all the Master's hand; be sure that all is well for thee.

"This is our centre here in America illuminated by the Lodge and protected by love.  Send 'Promise' out, but not yet; you can make what you will of 'Promise,' for the truthfulness of spirit and devotion to us that are there will make it a good instrument.  But keep it well in the background.  In outer work 'Promise' is our mystery.

"The light mentioned in Spain is of seven sides, with a yellow and a purple light.  On each of the seven sides is a star.  This represents the Lodge of Spain.  Connect yourself with it as you will be directed.  I will not permit you to resign nor will I permit you to submit to further investigation.  Form your plans for American work, keep all your lines perfect with sustaining points and leave the rest to us.  This is to your questions of last night.

"I can do better in time here.  I will not touch upon minor points; they will take care of themselves. Master is


not after minor points.  let our eyes turn to the American future of Theosophy."

Six days later, on January 9th, there is this record by Mr. Judge of a message from H.P.B.:

"I have tried to bring knowledge of mine to you in a line of order.   There are some difficulties.  Yes, a pledge had better be made.  [This with 'Promise.' - W.Q.J.] There will be more to it than you now understand.  No one I have met in the last five centuries has been qualified.  As I said, 'Promise' is our mystery.  'Promise" a mystery to 'Promise.'  Judge, try a little more of it.  Let 'Promise' say what ------ wants to.

"Now, about Spain.  Leave the Instructions that will be most useful in the E.S. until we meet again.

"I found after the last breath had left that old carcass I had used, I went to where are those crystallized forces that are only understood by -----.   There I took a deep rest - you know why - to prepare me for the work that has come.   I then gravitated to Spain, and I found in that Lodge a Companion of mine I knew five thousand centuries ago.  That seems long to you, but it is nevertheless correct.   Through him I found that Spain as a people has that quality of devotion that is essential for the promulgation of our truths.  I also found that many thousands of people, wearied with the persecutions of the past, were seeking light, and their eyes turned to America.

"Then I knew that although there was not in the outer any evidence of our connection there, the seed of my thoughts and yours had entered Spain  and some fallen into good ground.  So here I said I will centre for awhile and all that time the body of which I was a part in America missed me.  Use all means possible to introduce our literature there.  When we meet again I will give you the Instructions I spoke of that will carry your E.S. through a course that will be useful."

Question by W.Q.J.: 

"Do you exclude the rest of Europe in referring to Spain?"

H.P.B. -

"It is all connected with Europe.  I want some things done that I never told you of because we had no time and it is better now."

W.Q.J. -

"But they are working that way in Spain."


"A little.  But they have not used all possible means.   We will have to have a sufficient time together and you will take pencil and follow the motions of my hand.  I


want to show you the outline of a form which must be used in the Inner Circle, but it will take time and it must be done carefully after I give you the points.  It will add a new spiritual influence to the movement, unite forces throughout the world, and make your way easier in the coming months.  You can then put your thoughts on other work on a larger scale.  It is a shape and a color.   Think out how you can find seven bells of certain tones.  Think of the form of a star . . . illuminated inside. . . . "

That "Inner Circle," not all of whom had before been told of their membership, he appointed to act as the Council now constituted; other members to be added later.

The chela I have called "Promise" is to be, and already is, the Outer Head of the School; but for one year members must wait to know who this Outer Head is.  By that time the confusion will be over, everything will be in full working order, and for other evident reasons, I think you will agree as to the advisability of this course, even considering it apart from the directions given by Mr. Judge.  I am to tell you what Mr. Judge himself said of this Outer Head, and will quote his own words.   But first of all let me say that I shall hereafter speak of Mr. Judge as the "Rajah" or "Luminous Youth," whose portrait you see on the platform behind me.  Many people in this hall and all thorough America know that the Judge we saw was only the outer form, and that the inner man who used that body had the appearance you see in this picture.  The instrument he thus used varied, or course, in its responsiveness to his touch. I shall be glad if all those here present who have personal knowledge in regard to the correctness of my assertion and who know the "Rajah," will rise in their seats after I have concluded my remarks.  [Sixteen members later rose in response to this request, including the Council.]

This is the "Rajah's " statement in regard to our new Outer Head:

"This Head is as true as steel, as clear as a diamond, as lasting as time."

Keeping in mind the extracts I have already read you in regard to "Promise," I will now continue with further extracts on the same lines from the "Rajah's" private diary.  On November 30th, 1894, are these entries:

"'Promise's' best work through you.  Power increased.  In February 'Promise' will pull you through a shadow of ill-health.  "

"'Promise' is close to the Sun.   Both are.  Blessed [a


name of "Promise"] on top. Enemies in the mire of their karma.  "

There are other entries of messages received through this chela; of warnings given by him, afterwards noted as having been justified.  Also an admirable account by "Promise" of our good brothers in Dublin - "Promise" never having met them or seen them - with the statement that " forces concentrated there."

Then comes this most weighty and momentous statement by H.P.B. to the "Rajah," dated April 3, 1895:

"How I yearn for the day when I can come myself and work.  It is being put off by all this strife and bitterness.  I WILL COME, AS I SAID, THROUGH 'Promise.'  Every day they keep this up is another day of delay for that event.

"Had both ["Rajah" and "Promise"] been free, you well, and ye met at the time I said, more and more wonderful phenomena would have happened than did with me; and we would have one hundred members for every one we now have."

If any think that we have been deserted let them bear in mind those words of H.P.B.'s:

"I will come, as I said, through 'Promise.' "

In conclusion I will read this message received by the "Rajah" from H.P.B., as parts of it bear directly upon the present condition of affairs:

"Much has transpired in your interior make-up since you came here; it pleases me and promises much.  You must expect to have days of weakness and depression.  But through following our advice 'Promise' made it possible for us to do more.  The danger, as 'Promise' called it, which threatened and which palsied his action is over.  Since it is over, come, I will tell you what it was:  paralysis of the brain and general breaking down of the whole system.  To sum it up, your faculties begin to swell and a part of the connection is made.  The moon and the place and water and 'Promise' helped us . . . When anything pushes you ahead it does the same for 'Promise.'

"You will have about the 22d of March a paper of immeasurable interest which I want to have a hand in revising.  It is to come through the mail from your E.A.N. group; they have made some mistakes in the paper.

"An additional pledge will have to be introduced into the E.S. when the row is ended.  I promised certain instructions on vibrations which I have not forgotten.  They had


to be put aside for this more important matter.  But I will do it later.  I will also later go on about Spain, and other matters, bearing on mistakes that have been made by our students.

"Master has made to me a picture of our work.  It is of a tree torn up by the wind, thrown on a plain where there is nothing to sustain it; only through a light from the Lodge coming down and acting upon it can it be restored to life.  On the material plane there is nothing to be found that can save it. (1) You should make a very good article out of that.

"Not one of those who have deliberately taken part in this work of destruction can come under the rays of Master's light.   They must go another way and through their experiences learn lessons of wisdom that will help them at another time when tempted by ambition and jealousy.  Waste no time on these people.  Put all your thought and force into the ranks of the brave ones who stood, and let there be greater work of cooperation and unity.  Make something out of this.  A year and over of probation was given by Master  to those who do so madly try to destroy his work and his chela, yet they turn not from their evil ways.

"'Promise' through his hands will do some of my best work."

This clearly shows that our only chance for the future lies in our trust in this light from the Lodge which is within us all, but which must also have a special centre of action to focus and distribute its rays.  And if at any time we doubt that this light still sustains the Society and its workers; if at any time we think that our Chief has deserted us, then as he himself has said not so very long ago, let us take those doubts and carry them up to the sky and leave them there.

Trust is our only salvation, but reason alone should show that he could not have left that body if he had not had an occult heir and successor to take his place, for that is the law in the Lodge.  This occult heir is the link between ourselves and him, and so on from the Rajah to H.P.B., to Masters and to the great Lodge.   There must be that link; his papers showed us where to find it; we have found it, have tested it and verified it beyond all question, individually and unitedly.


You may perhaps think our action strange, but yet, I ask you to remember that is is not possible for you to see all sides, and it will therefore be better not to presume to judge us.  We ask you instead to stand y us, leaving time and perhaps some seven years to show what the future will bring to this body.

I have to say finally, that in this basket of tulips on the platform there are fifty-four flowers - a symbol, for H.P.B. has said there are fifty-four members in America who will succeed in perfecting faithfulness, and although you will not see the significance of this statement to-day, in a year's time you will see it.

[I have made two or three additions to the verbatim report of my remarks at this meeting, consisting of further messages and quotations from Mr. Judge's diary.]

James Morgan PryseMR. JAMES M. PRYSE then addressed the meeting as follows:

"We cannot be too careful of our words.  So the little I have to say I have written don, simply for the sake of clearness.  I endorse what Mr. Hargrove has said to you.  And I wish to reiterate his request that in this critical time you should give us your confidence and unwavering support.  Our position is not one to be envied.  For myself, I am here for only one reason:  because our Chief desired it.  And to carry out his wishes and make the movement a success, I will do the little that lies in my power, continuing to do as I have done for the past ten years - abandon all my personal affairs, and be an unthanked slave to this movement, give up all prospect of study, or individual improvement and progress, all personal ties,, become if necessary an exile again from my own land, my own people, sacrifice personal comfort, health and life in this work.  That is what lies before my companions and myself who have been designated to take up this task which is to bring us only sacrifice and suffering; and we only ask your confidence and cooperation in keeping the School united and in making it an instrument that the Master may use for the salvation of mankind.

MR. J.H. FUSSELL. - Brothers and Sisters: - I wish first to say that I know of my own knowledge that what our Brother Ernest T. Hargrove has stated is true; that our Chief, the Rajah, is with us, and that he has not left us by the death of his worn-out body.  But since that death of the body he has been, and is now, with us and the whole School, and he is


still working along the same lines that he has worked hitherto; and will continue to so work and to lead us.  All here in this room have been more or less closely associated with our Chief, and therefore we all feel the strongest ties towards him.  And I doubt not that everyone here personally would do anything, would sacrifice everything in order to help our Chief accomplish his work, which, however, will be accomplished whether we help him or not.  But I stand here, as our Brother Pryse has stated, with these others, all of us pledged to him, pledged to help this work, and to give strength and our life, if need be, for its accomplishment.  Now this crisis - for it is a crisis, and this choice which ha come to all of us - is only another opportunity in our lives.  And we ought to remember that if we wish for an opportunity at any time we have only to look to what lies before us at the moment, and there is our opportunity.  We all believe that the future of the Theosophical Society depends upon the unity which there is in its inner body, the Eastern School of Theosophy, and therefore I ask you now whether you do not agree with what I say, that we should hold together in the closest bonds of love and friendship for our Chief, the Rajah, and for the work and for each other.  Let us only be united and strong, for we may be strong if we will. But if we feel weak, let us look to the light which comes from the Lodge, and that will give us new strength and courage.  Then not only will the Theosophical Society be a success, not only will it accomplish this work, but the future of humanity is assured.  The future of humanity depends upon those of us who see the light.   Let us hold together and follow it.

MR. H.T. PATTERSON. - Brothers and sisters, I realize the solemnity of this occasion.  I realize the tremendous importance of the step we have taken.  Were I doubtful I should not dare take the responsibility I have.  I have no doubts.  My certainty is due partly to knowledge held in common with others; partly to my own independent knowledge; and partly to the writings of William Q. Judge which I myself have seen.

MR. CLAUDE FALLS WRIGHT. - You must understand, brothers and sisters, that what we are saying is in corroboration of the statements and documents laid before you by Mr. Hargrove.  Everyone here on the platform has of course had opportunity of going into these matters much more thoroughly than would be practicable here, and of


Claude Falls Wrightcourse each has been able to verify for himself, and we are here to tell of this.  And when Mr. Pryse stated that we had pledged ourselves to the work he meant that we as a council are determined, if necessary, to sacrifice our very lives to the carrying out of the work of the Lodge.  But we are in no sense better than all of you:  as a matter of Karma, or in some other way, we have been named as the custodians of these facts and have to make them known to you; yet each and everyone of you is in exactly the same position as are we, you have all similar opportunities, and you all are expected to renew within yourselves the pledges you have taken to work for our great cause - the spiritual regeneration of mankind.

For myself I will say that I have always believed and trusted in the aid of Higher Powers and the Masters, and I knew we should not be deserted.  But a few weeks before the late body of the Rajah passed away I confess I became troubled a little about the future; such periods of gloom and darkness  come to all.  And I then received, no mater in what way, a message which at once removed all doubt and depression, and which I showed to many members present.  It will be well to read it now, as it so fully corroborates what you have heard to day.  It is a follows:

"Fear not - we are working with all who are striving as surely as ever before.  The present condition of Judge our servant is but a part of the destiny of our Order.  It is the night preceeding the dawn of a great regeneration.   To those who work on unconcerned for the future, profiting by the errors of the past, great opportunities will yet be given."  (March 2d, 1896)

The fact that this is the dawn of a great regeneration strikes home.   It is the beginning of the great spiritual cycle.  It is the time of great opportunity.  I believe all the past has been to a great extent a preparation.   Of course everything is more or less a preparation; but the time is now at hand when everyone will have opportunities he never had before, for the "new messenger" has come from the Lodge.

I met this Chela - "Promise" - several times in 1894 and 1895.   Mr. Judge introduced me at a meeting of the Aryan T.S. in 1894, saying to me beforehand:  "Here is some one I want you to look at closely; it is a particular person."  He afterwards told me that "Promise" frequently was in touch with the Lodge.  Later he sent me to a house where "Promise" was staying, and there this chela went


into a trance and told me much of the future - more particularly of the founding of a great school of occultism in the West - the revival of the ancient mysteries - which was afterwards embodied by W.Q. Judge in the E.S.T. Circular of November 3d, 1894, where he says that one of the objects of H.P.B. was "the establishment in the West of a great seat of learning where shall be taught and explained and demonstrated the great theories of man and nature which she brought forward to us, where western occultism, as the essence combined out of all others, should be taught."  And this is part of the great work shortly to be begun, and which will be accomplished by unity and strength among us now.

And I have to call your attention to an extract from a letter of H.P.B. to W.Q.J., October 23d, 1889.  "The day W.Q.J. resigns H.P.B. will be virtually dead for the Americans.  W.Q.J. is the antaskarana between the American thought and . . . . esoteric knowledge."  W.Q.J. did not resign, and H.P.B. is not dead to the Americans; for, as stated in the Circular of November 3d, 1894, "H.P.B. has not reincarnated.  That Ego is quite conscious and working towards the final accomplishment of the end in view, which depends very largely upon the members of the Theosophical Society and on their loyalty."  And H.P.B. said she would come through "Promise."  I have had ample proof that she has already come in this manner.

That we would not be deserted all of you must have felt sure.  It is this trust and call that has continued our school under the direct protection of the Masters and the Lodge.  We on the platform have in the last few days had marvelous proofs of this.   I must only add that I fully and freely corroborate all that has been said here to-day.

MRS. G. L. GRISCOM. - I wish most earnestly and emphatically to corroborate everything that has been said by Mr. Hargrove.

MR. C. A. GRISCOM, JR. - I have nothing to add to what has already been said except that I have followed step by step all that has led up to this meeting.  And I bear my testimony to the absolute truthfulness of what has been said.

MR. E. A. NERESHEIMER. - I have a few remarks to make with regard to the Outer Head or chela of whom you have heard.  Mr. Judge several years ago put me into communication with that person, and I think it is my duty to inform you of the fact.  As you have heard, you will be made acquainted with the person after the expiration of one year. 


Emil August NeresheimerI will also tell you that the important work that was done at the last Convention was done by the guidance of the Masters, that it was through this person that the instruction was given to us, and I will read you one of those communications which I received from this person long before the Convention and long before any of us had any idea what should be done in order to accomplish that which was ultimately brought about.   The communication referred to was received on March 5th, 1895, 10 o'clock a.m.   It was in the ordinary handwriting of this person (nothing mysterious about that) and was in the following words:

"March 5th, 1895.  This course should be adopted at the Convention; it cannot be avoided.  If any time is wasted much will be lost; a split should be declared in such a way that it will leave the door open for the others when they wish to restore harmony.  America must insist that it can no longer submit to such friction, intolerance and untheosophical work.

"It declares itself independent until the disrupting forces bring the fight to a close.  Unless this is done another year will pass in turmoil and strife and the chief aims of Master's work retarded.

"You must fix it so that it will be well planned and no mistakes.

"Consult with -------- at once.

"San Francisco and Boston will join heartily; others will follow.

"Under no circumstances must Mr. Judge know of this."

Now this will give you a little insight as to how far we are connected with the Lodge.  To my certain knowledge there is a great power exercised in this movement.  We may appear to be little, each one of us, but more certain work can be done by every one if he is, in a certain sense, passive enough to put aside his personality in order to enable the Master to do that little which can be accomplished through him.

These few people on the platform are trying to put themselves in such a position in order that they maybe servants of the Masters.  Of  course you realize as well as we do that we cannot now give you all the information that we have in our possession, although we may be ever so desirous of doing so; and perhaps it is little and perhaps it is much.  I think it is a great deal, and it shall be our endeavor to make you ac-


quainted will all we know, although it is not possible in the few moments that we have to ourselves to give you all.  Consequently, if you personally choose that we act in accordance with the desire that has been laid down by the Rajah, and accept us as Council for the E.S.T., then we shall give out from time to time all this information as soon as we can possibly handle it.  It is the desire of the Rajah that those people who are on the platform, and others who have also been named by the Rajah are to be the Council of this movement in America.  We are to receive our instructions, whatever there be, from the Outer Head, with whom, as I previously stated, I am acquainted and so are the others.

I wish to say that the matter of the E.S.T. and the re-acceptance of this School, its Outer Head, and its management, will be submitted to each member, and they each will have plenty of time for consideration, twenty-one days being given to decide and to give answer as to whether each will accept this Council and Head under these considerations or not.

I corroborate everything that has been said by Mr. Hargrove.  I was present when the papers of Mr. Judge were examined, and I have seen all the documents to which he referred.

MR. C. F. WRIGHT. - It falls to my lot to close this meeting.  Please go out of the hall at once instead of remaining.   Everybody before going out of this hall should make an attempt to unite himself with the Lodge, and this certainly can be done, even if the person so doing does not necessarily see anything.  Each can find his own Self in a few moments by working with his nature so as to get rid of certain difficulties.  Therefore you will stand up for three minutes and meditate upon this in silence, and in meditating the endeavor will be that everybody will use his very best efforts to get rid of the great drawbacks; first of suspicion - it is essentially evil, than which nothing is more liable to ruin the progress of the soul; secondly, of jealousy; and thirdly, each will endeavor to forget his own past, because by getting rid of the distrust and by getting rid of all those thing which come up to him, he puts himself into a condition where he can commune.  So if each one of you holds himself in that position, and particularly at the present time, the time of regeneration and new birth, you will all go out with renewed strength, and it will be the beginning of a new era.

[The meeting was then brought to a conclusion in the usual manner.]

[Pages 18 and 19 deal with the "New form of pledge" and "Amendments to the Book of Rules."  These have not been included in this online edition.]

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