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William Q. Judge's Diary for Oct.-Dec. 1894

["This 'diary', comprising 152 pages, was found by me in the private desk of Wm. Q. Judge, on March 24th, 1896, and taken possession of by me in my capacity of Executor of his Will.  Page 1, contains 2 written paragraphs; page 2, two paragraphs; page 3, is fully covered with writing; page 4, is entirely blank; page 5, is fully written over; pages 6, 7, and 8, are fully written over; page 9 has four lines, written on it, continuing the context of the preceding page; the rest of the page is blank; pages 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, are blank; pages 15, 16, 17, 18, are completely written over.  All the written material in the book is done in Mr. Judge's own handwriting, with the exception of a typewritten insertion pasted in on the upper half of page 16, covering nearly one-half of the page, and bearing the date of December 5th, 1894, and Mr. Judge's signature.  Some of the entries in the book are written in red, others in black ink.  With the exception of the above enumerated pages all the rest of the pages in the book are blank.  No other 'diary' or diaries were found by me among Mr. Judge's effects at 144 Madison Avenue, New York City.  No one had access to Mr. Judge's private papers which he kept securely locked up in his desk and two cabinets in his private office.  Mrs. Judge handed me the keys to these on the day when we together opened Mr. Judge's safety-deposit-box at his Bank, where we found his Will which appointed me Executor of the same.  Subscribed and sworn to before me this 5th day of July 1932 at Santa Monica, California.

(Signed) E. A. Neresheimer.

(Notary Seal)

Margaret Harbes
Notary Public in and for the
County of Los Angeles, State of
My commission expires July 2, 1933."]

[Page 1]

Oct. 1 directs me to issue circular and order (No. 1) taking over entire control of ES removing AB from headship.  Began writing the same.
Oct. 13
Showed C.F. Wright at Boston some drafts of my proposed circular and explained it to him.

[Page 2]

Oct. 28 Printers began to set up order etc. of Nov. 3.
This entry made Dec. 5
Copy of memo from Budd & Pryse "Printers had Order No. 1 Mon. or Tues. Oct. 29 or 30."

[Page 3]

Nov. 2 refers to Kansas City, Chicago & Frisco as 3 very important points.  Also told me where the city of learning is to be.   Says others are not to know.
a force long held back and injurious has been liberated.  It may hurt men.  I should let members know of this using his knowledge to explain.  It has touched the earth once before.
Nov. 2 Do not yet give out the right doct. of ........  It is not time.
The circ. and order will be as much as they can digest.  It must be hurried for reasons you will see later.
  In 15 years there will be great changes here & the TS doctrines will subtly affect the people.  After another US prest. has been assassinated.
gave the circle thus "small centre circle with star, 7 small circles with stars around, in a circle all.  The centre is Masters light in the Westn. body, the others are the possible bodies."
Give it out first with small 7 circles omitted until you know the people in it.

[Page 4 is blank]

[Page 5]

AB shown by  .   before me nude.  Stomach & right side black, eyes blindfold, heart round and white, 2 lights over head black and white fighting.   Suspended in mid air.  The feeling of one day one way & another another due to this black and white fighting it causes depression & slow circulation.   You recognize her work, are pained for her state & the damage to TS.  If love in TS ask for her.  She should meditate not by the rules given her by dark man.  Before 3 years you & she will touch hands again as when H.P.B. was alive.  Then the real work of her life will begin.  That is if she lets the Higher rule.  But if she follows ambition, the rules given by the dark man & her fancied sense of injustice rule, she will not have this opportunity.
Nov. 9 AB again.  See shthand notes.
Nov. 15 Use about Dec. 3 to 8th
B She will probably write you as a martyr her idea being to make an inner circle leaving to [a symbol] the outer.  The best way is to tell the ES this or that you are told so by me as a danger to be feared but that the giving out of this will have the effect probably of making her give it up and this is the warning.  C will

[Page 6]

also write you, it will be of use.  It must be read with very great care.
After this is settled you must write a letter to TS on the danger of having or expecting constant comm. with under present or similar conditions.  Atmosphere of the world is now disturbed and so is the TS.   FTS are made to suspect.  Trust must be aroused.  Few are prepared to hear from .  Each cannot have a special benediction from .  Latent dislikes are aroused by these efforts.   They must aim to develop themselves in daily life in small duties.  has been obliged to let many go and suffer for their good even if they have to wait another life.  When all is over they will see back of all this.  Windows of the cause are opened to esttriainv.jpg (499 bytes) by distrust of leaders and workers.
Nov. 26 The letter to WG should be printed in New York paper.  They were aiming before this to break you up in England.  There will be a division in England, part with you and part other.  Mead is on the fence.  There will be bright spots

Nov. 26

[Page 7]

left here and there, you must bring them together and gradually work them up.  Never submit to a Com. of Honor.  If you get down on that plane you will have to do it always.  You have much from HPB which you have not given out & you may give it also to your successor.  You will have a new organization in London with something added.
Entered Dec. 5 from notes made Dec. 1 or Nov. 30
Use all means to keep from despondency, suspicion or apprehension from now until July convention.  would take advantage of such states of mind.
Use all time & efforts until July in making TS strong with constructive work.
July convention will be a lively one.  Much will be cut and dried by enemies to corner you and then drive you out.
Nov. 26 Leave for London early in May.  If you go later all will be lost and confused.  Do not let them know you are going so early.  Make any sacrifice to go thus early.  Work among the people there & get your true position before convention meets.  Only tell your center of your coming.  No one else.

Public enemies are weak in comparison to your private ones.

Look out for anonymous and bogus

[Page 8]

Lodge letters to FTS.  Both will be sent.
Ctss. comes up again.  You will have to meet an accusation of falsehood made up against & alleged at you.
Lest the weak ones be made to think you are working for self show a conciliatory way at convention.
Remember TS will suffer later if B is not put under foot displaced it might otherwise be destroyed in 1896.  Stoop to conquer outwardly this will put you in good light.  As time approaches you will be directed.

In August 95 the battle of your life to hold your own.  After that many marked changes.

Construction work to be done.
best work through you.  Power increased.  In Feb. will pull you through a shadow of ill health.
1896 Autumn.  There are coming to this continent great destroying forces.  Ethical, religious & material systems will be thrown down and destroyed & great suffering will come to people.  is closer to Sun both up
Nov. 26 Blessed on top enemies in the mire of their karma.  1894 5 Spring signs of domestic breakings for Blessed will walk off from it all not later


[Page 9]

than 1896.   Then begins newer life & freedom will not cause this.  It is a natural result of conditions already on.

I shall be closer. 

(see page 15)

[Pages 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 are blank]

[Page 15]

Nov. 30 Sent Arch K. Instructions as to groups and his agency.  See p. [?] shorthand copy.
Dec. 1 Sent 15 of Sub. No. 7 to 62 Q.A. St.
says anonymous and other bogus letters will arrive soon.
Dec. 3 Sent Order No. 2 of 94 releasing secresy on Nos. 1, 2, & 3.  Copied LB today.
Sent 25 each of Sub. Papers Nos. 7 & A to 62 Q.A. St. to distribute.
Recd notice from SGP Coryn that his group accepted.  Referred him to D & K.
At 1 pm met Ganson on stairs and he gave me message he said he had recd at Harvard Club phenomenally.  Told him I wd find out if true or false.  says its joke.
Dec. 4 Sent 7 signed copies of Order No. 2. 50 printed copies of ditto, & 25 copies of Council Minutes to 62 Q.A. St.
Dec. 5 Claude.  he thinks says not to depend.
Dec. 5 J. gave J.W. Ganson reply as follows about his "fake message."

(see Page 16)

[Page 16]

I have examined the alleged phenomenally received  message signed Mahaghorha by Mr. J.W. Ganson at the Harvard Club, as he says, which message contained, when handed to me by Mr. Ganson on Dec. 3rd at 12.30 P.M., a half of a South Indian MSS with a leaf or flower passed through the hole of said MSS.  And I give it as my opinion after examining and testing the same, that it is a hoax gotten up with great care.  The palm leaf MSS has recently been broken off from the main leaf.  Three persons were involved in this matter in my opinion.  A good deal of laughter was had by two of them while making it up.  I will not name or accuse anyone.  The message is not from or by any of the Masters of their Chelas.   But the state of thought into which the persons went in order to write the words of the message was not bad and the statements of ideas therein are not bad either - to that extent it is good - otherwise a hoax.  Mr. Ganson had better keep it - in a glass case.  There is a peculiar and definite odor which comes with all genuine objective messages from the Masters which cannot be imitated by any chemist, but which when once identified cannot be mistaken.  Numerous other results and "belongings" which always belong to a genuine message do not hold to or obtain with this one.

NY.   Dec. 5  94                                           [signed] William Q. Judge.

[Compare the above with Judge's article "Bogus Mahatma Letters" which appeared in The Path, Jan. 1895, pp. 302-303.]

Dec. 10 Recd Irishmens circular in favor of me  says they have formed a connection; foster it.  I said to help the Irish Th. & so write Dunlap in advance.
        10 Sven Rydon back from India.  Called saw me Alec & Page.   Told following facts (a) Was with AB & Chak. in India.  (b)  C has AB completely under his thumb.  (c) In Jany or Feb. when they all consulted at Adyar they asked
Dec. 10 her what she would do and she replied "I must hear from Master" then sent a bulky letter to Chakry to Allahabad.  Took some days for reply & when she got the reply & not before she then said she was ordered to proceed.

[Page 17]

against me.  Several thought Chakry was "the Master" for her.  (d) Asked SV if he thought in other words C had magnetized her & he replied yes it amounted to that.  (e)  She had 20 minutes to spare at Allahabad on going but all that time walked up and down with C who let no one speak to her & said "Mrs. B is tired" though many were there to say good-bye.  (f) She met a big pundit, gave him some talk on vedanta, he contradicted her & she then drew herself up saying "I am here to teach & not to learn."


Yesterday Dec. 10 decided to dissolve London [E.S.T.] council & make a new one of 5 Arch, Coryn, Cleather, Coryn & Dick or Pryse.
[Compare this list of names with the one given at the beginning of Judge's "Subsidiary Papers," No. B, issued January 1895.  See reprint of this paper in Echoes of the Orient:  The Writings of William Quan Judge, Volume III, p. 465.]
Dec. 11 At 11.15 wired Arch the 5 names & asked if they were good & for a reply at once.  4 p.m Arch wires  to substitute Pryse for SGPC.  Did so & made order accordingly.
        11 7 p.m.  to establish at Dublin a center similarly arranged to that at 62 Q.A. St. London.
        12 From Jalde & written in Sec. Doct. of B.B. Gatto Tacoma as if quoted "A lifetime's meditation is the sum total of a lifetime's thoughts which is the subtle power that binds us to rebirth."

[Page 18]

Dec. 12 Jalde & & given Oct. in Boston to M.L. Guild by me written in pencil on poster, full of force too great & returned by her & then again recopied.  Those who to any extent assimilate the idea (essence) of the are to that extent its representatives and to that extent have its help in its work.
        12 says that [at this point 5 or 6 symbols occur in the diary; apparently indicating some person]  is a dog who now [indecipherable word]  but shows a picture of later making dirt -- warning .  Before this moon is passed I shall give you 3 signs as evidence of my love for you.  warning; the fly appeared and then jumped on the hand.   Warning.
        14 Dick good solid; Dunlap ditto; Russell good but requires guiding    forces concentrated there.
Do not reply to CO's charges.  Do not write 19 save on TS.
Olcott taking some medicine that makes him drowsy.  Black influence.   C trying to get in two men connected with Wade.  C has another woman beautiful.
Adyar.  Yes an told HPB to go there.  The place will one day be useful.  There are the remains of an on the place not now known.

[Judge's 1894 diary entries stop at this point. 
The rest of the notebook consists of blank pages.]

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