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Writings by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Writings of the Mahatmas

Books about H.P. Blavatsky, the Mahatmas & Theosophy

Below are listed reprints of many valuable titles on Mme. Blavatsky, the Masters
and Theosophy published by Kessinger Publishing.  Many of these hard-to-find
titles have been out of print for many decades. 

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Writings by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Abridgment of H.P. Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine
compiled by Katharine Hillard
The Editor of this abridgement has long felt the need of a shorter, simpler version of the Secret Doctrine. The wealth of material gave rise to endless digressions wherein the thread of the subject is often lost for whole chapters. Fifteen years' study has enabled the Editor to trace the thread of the argument far more clearly than at first, and have cut out obsolete science. All Sanskrit terms have been put into English, and the triune constitution of man (body, soul and spirit) adopted wherever possible instead of the more complicated seven-fold division. There has been nothing added to the text, except a few notes and 1 or 2 diagrams, all marked "Ed." Part 1 Cosmogenesis; Part 2 Anthropogenesis.

Are Giants a Fiction?

Black Magic in Science

Blavatsky Quotation Book Being an Extract for Each Day of the Year
Extractions from the many writings of Blavatsky and presented as meditations, or readings, for each day of the year.

Cyclic Evolution and Karma

Egyptian Magic and Magical Statutes

Ensouled Violin

Esoteric Papers of Madame Blavatsky
[This volume is the most comprehensive collection of H.P.B.'s esoteric papers now available with photographic facsimiles of many original papers; some of these documents have never been reprinted since first issued.]

Essays by Blavatsky
[A compilation of her articles.]
Contents: Fundamentals of Theosophy; Ancient Egyptian Magic; Spirits of Various Kinds; The Fall of Ideals; Spiritual Progress; My Books; The Origin of Evil; Star-Angel Worship in the Roman Catholic Church; The Kabalah and the Kabalists; Roots of Ritualism in the Church and Masonry; Kosmic Mind; Magnetism; The Tidal Wave.

Evolution as Outlined in the Archaic Eastern Records
compiled and abridged from "The Secret Doctrine"
by Basil Crump
Due to the interest in evolution, the author has attempted to condense the comprehensive system outlined in Blavatsky's "The Secret Doctrine" by reducing its bulkiness and obtrusiveness. This evolutionary scheme is contained in a relatively small number of stanzas from the Archaic Records, which he has translated herein with full explanatory commentaries, and a large number of material from both Eastern and Western sources

Five Years of Theosophy (1894 edition)
edited by G. R. S. Mead
[Articles by HPB and other writers from "The Theosophist"]
This book is a collection of mystical, philosophical, theosophical, historical and scientific essays selected from the first five volumes of "The Theosophist" magazine, which was then edited by H.P. Blavatsky. Originally published in 1885, this volume was revised, consisting for the most part of a consistent transliteration of Sanskrit terms and of a generally uniform style. A fuller index has been added.

Fragments from the Teachings of H.P. Blavatsky
compiled by H. Burford Pratt
This book's aim is to present the reader with the fundamental principles of Madame Blavatsky's philosophy. The fragments appearing in this book are almost entirely composed of verbatim quotations. Contents: Isis Unveiled and four sections dealing with The Secret Doctrine.

From the Caves & Jungles of Hindostan (1892 edition)
These letters were written in leisure moments during 1879 and 1880 for the pages of the "Russki Vyestnik", then edited by M. Katkoff. Contents: in Bombay; on the way to Karli; in the Karli caves; vanished glories; city of the dead; Brahmanic hospitalities; witch's den; God's warrior; banns of marriage; caves of Bagh; isle of mystery; and Jubblepore.

H.P.B. Speaks, Volume II
compiled & edited by C. Jinarajadasa

Important Message to Students of the Occult

Key to Theosophy
(Facsimile of the 2nd 1890 ed. with HPB's 60 page glossary)
Being a Clear Exposition in the form of Question and Answer of the Ethics, Science, and Philosophy for the Study of Which the Theosophical Society has Been Founded with a Copious Glossary of General Theosophical Terms.

Letters of H.P. Blavatsky to A.P. Sinnett
Edited by A.T. Barker
The letters presented herein were written by Blavatsky, the founder of the Theosophical Society between the years 1880-1888 and are intended as a companion volume to the Mahatma Letters.

Magazine founded & edited by H.P. Blavatsky. 20 volumes of Lucifer were issued from 1887 to 1897. Kessinger Publishing has reprinted 17 of the 20 volumes of Lucifer.

Modern Panarion: Collection of Fugitive Fragments from the Pen of H. P. Blavatsky
Essays on theosophy, spiritualism, and the occult by the founder of theosophy. Sample contents: Eddy manifestations; Dr. Beard criticized; Lack of unity among spiritualists; Holmes controversy; Notice to mediums; Rebuke; Occultism or magic; Spiritualistic tricksters; Search after occultism; Science of magic; Spiritualism in Russia; Huxley and Slade; Can the double murder; Russian atrocities.
[HPB's original articles have been edited, some places quite heavily by G.R.S. Mead in this 1895 compilation.]

Nightmare Tales
The world knows H.P. Blavatsky chiefly by her encyclopedic knowledge, her occult powers, her unique courage. This little book, composed of stories thrown off by her in her lighter moments, shows her as a vivid, graphic writer, gifted with brilliant imagination. The Nightmare Tales were rewritten during the last few months of the author's pain-stricken life: when tired with the drudgery of the Theosophical Glossary she, who could not be idle, turned to this lighter work and found therein amusement and relaxation. Her friends, all the world over, will welcome this example of gifts used but too rarely amid the strain of weightier work. Contents: The Bewitched Life; The Cave of the Echoes; The Luminous Shield; From the Polar Lands; The Ensouled Violin.

Notes on the Gospel According to John

Original Program of the Theosophical Society
A recitation of the fundamental aims of the Theosophical Society, from a handwritten manuscript by the author, existing in Adyar. Plus the Preliminary Memorandum of the Esoteric Section.

People of the Blue Mountains
Blavatsky writes about a race of Giants who live in the Blue Mountains of India. Read this book and discover who they are, how they use Spiritual Powers, and why they Worship the Sacred Buffalo.

Practical Occultism and Occultism Versus the Occult Arts
As many are looking for practical instruction in occultism, the author believed it was necessary to state in this work: The essential difference between theoretical and practical occultism; or what is generally known as theosophy on the one hand, and occult science on the other; and the nature of the difficulties involved in the study of the latter. Also found within are some practical suggestions for daily life.

Raja Yoga Or Occultism
The articles published in this volume will bring that knowledge which alone fortifies a student against wrong or fanciful occultism, as against the perils of occult arts and psychic practices. Contents: chelas and lay chelas; Theosophical Mahatmas; practical occultism; occultism versus the occult arts; lodges of magic; what of phenomena; psychic and noetic action; thoughts on the elements; Chinese spirits; dialogues between the two editors on astral bodies or doppelgangers; dialogue on the mystery of the after life; hypnotism and its relations to other modes of fascination.

Secret Doctrine: Volume 3 - Occultism (First published 1897)
compiled & edited by Annie Besant
Partial contents: One Key to all Sacred Books; The ABC of Magic; Chaldean Oracles; The Book of Hermes; Three Ways Open to the Adept; Names are Symbols; Characters of the Bible; The Book of Enoch; Hermetic and Kabalistic Doctrines; Numbers and Magic; Occult Weapons; The Duty of the True Occultist; Two Eternal Principles; St. Paul the real founder of Christianity; Apollonius no Fiction; Biographies of Initiates; Kabalistic Readings of Gospels; Magic in Antioch; The Septenary Sephira; Seven Keys to all Allegories; The Mystery of the Sun; Magical Statutes; Masonry and Jesuits; Mysteries and Masonry; Egyptian Initiation; Root of Races; Celestial Wheels; Christian Star Worship; Defense of Astrology; The Seven Rays; Secret Books; Tibetan Prophecies; Swedenborg; Occult Secrecy; and much more.

A Secret Doctrine Digest
compiled by subject from "The Secret Doctrine" by Ernest Wood
The laws and facts of nature and life as taught by H.P. Blavatsky in her monumental work entitled "The Secret Doctrine: with explanations where necessary. A fabulous companion reference book for the students of "The Secret Doctrine". The author has followed the main line of the original work, collecting and bringing together cognate items where such could be usefully done. He does not use the sectional headings or page numbers referencing the original work as there are so many different editions of "The Secret Doctrine", but has made his own groupings and chapter headings as the topics arose.

Some Unpublished Letters of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.  Facsimile of 1929 first edition.
compiled with an Introduction by Eugene Rollin Corson
Never before published are seventeen letters written by H.P. Blavatsky, regarding her life, work and beliefs as the founder of the Theosophical Society.

Spirits of Various Kinds; Origin of Evil; Star Angel Worship in the Roman Catholic Church; On the Bhagavad Gita
Contains four articles:  (1) "Spirits of Various Kinds", which is a study of those invisible beings - conscious, semi-conscious, and entirely senseless - called by a number of names in every country under the sun, and known under the generic name of spirits; (2) "Origin of Evil" discusses the problem of the origin of evil being philosophically approached only if the archaic Indian formula is taken as the basis of the argument; (3) "Star Angel Worship in the Roman Catholic Church"; and (4) "On the Bhagavad Gita."

Substantial Nature of Magnetism
Madame Blavatsky discusses the differences between the teachings of Occultists and Theosophists and those of the Substantialists. At the same time, she indicates the agreement of these groups in the matter of magnetism. Magnetism is substantial, the action of a real fluid substance.

Theosophical Glossary
Edited by G.R.S. Mead after Blavatsky's death.
This glossary's purpose is to give information on the principal Sanskrit, Pahlavi, Tibetan, Pali, Chaldean, Persian, Scandinavian, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Kabalistic and Gnostic words, and occult terms generally used in theosophical literature.

H.P.B.'s first magazine which she founded in Bombay, India in 1879.  Kessinger Publishing has reprinted the first 14 volumes (1879-1893) of this rare magazine.

Transactions of the Blavatsky Lodge of the Theosophical Society
Blavatsky's answers to questions posed by her students on the cosmogony of The Secret Doctrine.

Voice of the Silence
(Facsimile of HPB's original first edition of 1889; this is the only facsimile reprint now available of HPB's 1889 edition.)
Being Chosen Fragments from the "Book of the Golden Precepts" for the daily use of Disciples. Contents: The Voice of the Silence; The Two Paths; The Seven Portals

Writings of the Mahatmas

Early Teachings of the Masters 1881-1883
Compiled and edited by C. Jinarajadasa.
Contents: Planetary Chain; Conditions After Death; Races and Sub-Races; Cosmic Origins; Science; Ethics and Philosophy; The Universal Mind; Avalokitesvara; Our Ideas on Evil; Planetary Spirits; Principle of Life.

K.H. Letters to C. W. Leadbeater
by C. Jinarajadasa
The K.H. letters to C. W. Leadbeater and H.S. Olcott, reproduced with replies, transcribed, and commentated; the initials in the letter; the envelopes of the letters; H.P.B. on C.W. Leadbeater in 1886; H.P.B.'s gift to C. W. Leadbeater; conclusion and appendix.

Letters from the Masters of the Wisdom (1923) Volume I
Contains  letters from the Masters who were the true Founders of the Theosophical Society. Contents: Theosophical Society and its work; path of discipleship; India and the theosophical movement; letters of personal counsel; letters about D.K.M.; general; marginal letters; the French letter of 1870;on the use of the letters by theosophical writers; future of the T.S.

Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett from the Mahatmas M. and K.H.
Compiled & edited by A.T. Barker.  Reprint of 3rd Edition.
Contents:  Occult world series; Philosophical and theoretical teachings 1881-1883 Probation and chelaship; Phoenix venture and the condition of India; London lodge of the Theosophical Society; Spiritualism and phenomena; Miscellaneous letters

Paradoxes of the Highest Science
by Eliphas Levi.
[Contains valuable notes by E.O. (Master Koot Hoomi)]
In which the most advanced truths of occultism are for the first time revealed (in order to reconcile the future developments of science and philosophy with the eternal religion). Religion is magic, sanctioned by authority; Liberty is obedience to the Law; Love is the realization of the impossible; Knowledge is the ignorance or negation of Evil; Reason is God; The imagination realizes what it invents; The Will accomplishes everything which it does not desire. Synthetic Recapitulation, Magic-Magism; The Unalterable Principles; and The Great Secret.

Theosophy as the Masters See It
by Clara M. Codd
[Extracts from The Mahatma Letters with Codd's commentaries.]

Books about H.P. Blavatsky, the Mahatmas & Theosophy

Alchemy And the Secret Doctrine
by Alexander Horne
Contents: What is the Secret Doctrine?; The (Al)chemical Achievements of the Ancients; Alchemy and the Alchemists; Modern Science and the Secret Doctrine; The Root of the Universe; The Cosmic Elements; Fire; The Atom; The Evolution of the Elements; and The Elements of Science.

Annie Besant: An Autobiography (1893 edition)
by Annie Besant
[Contains her reminiscences of HPB]
Contents: Out of everywhere into the here; Early childhood; Girlhood; Marriage; Storm of doubt; Charles Bradlaugh; Atheism as I knew and taught it; At work; Knowlton pamphlet; At war all round; Mr. Bradlaugh's struggle; Still fighting; Socialism; Through storm to peace.

Archaic History of the Human Race as Recorded in The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky
by Gertrude W. Van Pelt
A study of what H.P. Blavatsky writes about the early history and evolution of the human race.

Brothers of Madame Blavatsky
by Mary K. Neff
It is the purpose of this book to call attention to the Masters of theosophy as Men, rather than Supermen, and to show something of their ways of working through their messenger, HPB and other "Brothers."

Concerning H.P. Blavatsky
by G. R. S. Mead
Mead's thoughts on H.P.Blavatsky. Mead was Blavatsky's personal secretary.

Did Madame Blavatsky Forge the Mahatma Letters
by C. Jinarajadasa
The general impression which remains in the minds of many of the public is that H.P. Blavatsky invented the Mahatmas, and that she buttressed this invention with various forms of impersonation and trickery, including among them the concocting of letters in various handwritings supposed to be written by the Adepts. Jinarajadasa explains and presents the evidence from several sources that indeed the Mahatma letters were NOT forgeries.

Early Days of Theosophy in Europe
by A. P. Sinnett
[Valuable reminiscences of Blavatsky and his correspondence with the Mahatmas.]
Mr. Sinnett's position and associations with Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society, together with his standing as an author in the theosophical movement, demand that this, his last writing, should be published. It is left to each reader to form his own judgment as to the value of the book in the light of his own study of the questions involved.

Episodes From an Unwritten History
by Claude Bragdon
Contents: HPB and her adept teacher; Olcott; Early days of the Theosophical Society; Judge; Sinnett; Meeting at night; Damodar; Ramaswamier; London drawing rooms and dinner tables; The Coulombs; Excursions and alarms; Mr. Hodgson and the S.P.R.; The Countess Wachmeister; The Secret Doctrine; Watch and ward; A bolt from the blue; HPB's protest; Death of the Lion; Annie Besant; The Russian Sphinx; Key to the cryptogram; The coming Avatar; The Chosen; Ancient wisdom in the modern world; Masters by Annie Besant.

Esoteric Buddhism (1884 edition)
by A. P. Sinnett
[The first simple exposition (1883) of Theosophy in modern times based on Sinnett's correspondence with the Mahatmas]
Contents: Esoteric Teachers; Constitution of Man; Planetary Chain; World Periods; Devachan; Kama Loca; Human Tide Wave; Progress of Humanity; Buddha; Nirvana; The Universe; and The Doctrine Reviewed. With an Introduction to the American version.

Essays and Addresses on Theosophy and Science
by G.E. Sutcliffe
Contents: Dawn of a New Era; Some Astronomical Discoveries; Short Studies in the Secret Doctrine, Absolute Abstract Motion Or The Great Breath; What is the Physical Ether; Life Work of H.P. Blavatsky; Scientific Aspect of Theosophy; The Hindu Zodiac: A Suggested Key to It and To the Astronomy of the Ancients; A Day of Brahma; Gigantic Hoax: How the Great French Astronomer La Place Has Perpetrated a Tremendous Hoax on the Whole of 19th Century Scientists; Coming Election of a President of the Theosophical Society.

Golden Book of the Theosophical Society (1925)
by C. Jinarajadasa (Editor)

Hidden Hints in the Secret Doctrine: Comments on Selected Passages
by William Q. Judge

Hill of Discernment: Addresses to the Theosophical Society
by Trevor A. Barker
[Contains a number of important articles on Blavatsky, the Mahatmas and Theosophical teachings.]

How Theosophy Came to Me
by C. W. Leadbeater
Includes his meeting Madame Blavatsky, travels to Greece, India and Burma and how he joined The Theosophical Society.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
by Katherine Tingley
Includes articles by Katherine Tingley, William Q. Judge, Iverson L. Harris, H. Travers; tributes by some her old pupils and students; a chronology of Blavatsky's life and 30 pages of quotations and extracts from her writings.

H.P. Blavatsky and The Secret Doctrine
by Max Heindel

H.P. Blavatsky and the Masters of Wisdom
by Annie Besant
In this book Besant discusses H.P. Blavatsky, her life, work and teachings and the testimonies concerning the existence of the Mahatmas.

H. P. Blavatsky: An Outline of Her Life
by Herbert Whyte

H.P. Blavatsky as I Knew Her
by Alice Leighton Cleather
Contents: first meeting with H.P.B.; Blavatsky lodge; formation of the esoteric school; inner group; causes of degeneration in the T.S.; the passing of H.P.B. An addendum contains: a posthumous attack on H.P.B.; Mr. Sinnet's personal ambition and dubious methods; trained occultist or irresponsible medium; inception of the great betrayal; dangerous hypnotic practices; charges of fraud and trickery.

H.P. Blavatsky: A Great Betrayal
by Alice Leighton Cleather
This book is a protest written by one of H.P. Blavatsky's old students, who was a member of her Inner Group. It demonstrates as clearly as possible that the teachings promulgated for nearly twenty years by the present leaders (Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater) of the Theosophical Society have departed more and more from H.P.B.'s, and are now their direct antithesis.

H.P. Blavatsky:   Her Life and Work for Humanity
by Alice Leighton Cleather
This volume details H.P. Blavatsky's life work up to the point of her death as it deals with the Society. Contents: messenger and the message, preliminary work in America; foundation of the universal brotherhood movement in India; master of wisdom and their chelas; great master on Buddhism and brotherhood; why the effort for India failed; indelible stain on the S.P.R.; India's failure was Europe's opportunity; work in England, 1887-1891; some personal appreciations; writing of "The Secret Doctrine"; antiquity of the wisdom religion; main tenets of the secret doctrine; moral law and the "Great Sacrifice".

H.P. Blavatsky: The Light-Bringer
by Leonard Bosman and Anita Orchard
This book gives an explanation of the character of H.P. Blavatsky from an unprejudiced point of view and will bring about an appreciation and understanding of an individual so misunderstood. Contents: Her Birth; Early Marriage; Character; Guru or Master; Travels; Occult Phenomena; The Work of H.P. Blavatsky; Her Character from the Horoscope; Her Emotional and Mental Activities.

In Memory of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (Facsimile of 1891 ed.)
by Some of Her Pupils
Contents:  How She Left Us, Laura M. Cooper; The Cremation, G.R.S. Mead; At New York and Wurzburg, Emily Kislingbury; At Cairo and Madras, Isabel Cooper-Oakley; At Wurzburg and Ostende, Constance Wachtmeister; A Word from Mr. Sinnett, A.P. Sinnett; A Memory of Madame Blavatsky, Charles Johnston; Yours till Death and after, H.P.B., William Q. Judge; As I Knew Her, Annie Besant; The Last Two Years, G.R.S. Mead; What She Is To Me, Herbert Burrows; Teacher and Friend, Walter R. Old; H.P. Blavatsky As Through Her Work, J.D. Buck; The Opinion of a Hindu about H.P.B, Rai B. K. Laheri; How an Agnostic Saw Her, Saladin; H.P.B. at Enghien, William Q. Judge; In Memoriam, Arch. Keightley; H.P. Blavatsky and Her Mission, Franz Hartmann; Reminiscences of Madame Blavatsky, Alice Gordon; Madame Blavatsky and her Work, Francesca Arundale; Seeing Little; Perceiving Much, Alexander Fullerton; Madame Blavatsky at a Distance, J. Campbell Ver Planck; What She Taught Us, William Kingsland; From India, Babula; H.P.B.'s Departure, H.S. Olcott; What H.P.B. did for Me, Bertram Keightley.

Incidents in the Life of Madame H.P. Blavatsky (Facsimile of 1886 ed.)
by A. P. Sinnett
Compiled from information supplied by her relatives and friends. Contents: Introduction; Childhood; Marriage and Travel; At Home in Russia, 1858; Mme. de Jelihowsky's Narrative; From Apprenticeship to Duty; Residence in America; Established in India; A Visit to Europe; Appendix.

Life of Anna Kingsford Vol. 2 (1913 edition)
by Edward Maitland
Contains much important material on Blavatsky and the early days of the Theosophical Society.

Madame Blavatsky [A Biography]
by G. Baseden Butt
An attempt is made in this work to summarize and review not only everything of importance that has been said about H.P. Blavatsky, but also the teachings given to the world through her instrumentality. Few things can be more important to Theosophists than the truth about their first teacher and founder of the Theosophical Society. The author hoped this book would become a weapon in the armory of earnest theosophists.

Madame Blavatsky as Occultist
by Josephine Ransom
A treatise into H.P. Blavatsky as an occultist, her pursuit of Truth, her faith and her knowledge she desired to impart upon the world.

Madame H. P. Blavatsky: From Apprenticeship to Duty
by A. P. Sinnett

Man: Fragments of a Forgotten History (Facsimile of 1885 ed.)
by Two Chelas in the Theosophical Society [Laura C. Holloway and Mohini Chatterji]
Lovingly dedicated to H.P. Blavatsky. Contents: Supra-mundane Man; Physical Evolution or Descent into Matter; Primitive Man; Evolution of Sex; Fourth Race-Atlanteans; Early Aryans; Growth of Language and Religion; Man and Other Orders of Existence; Occult Hierarchy. Based in part on letters and instructions from the Blavatsky's Masters.

Modern Priestess of Isis
by Vsevolod Sergyeevich Solovyoff
[Hostile; but containing important reminiscences by Solovyoff of his relationship with Blavatsky.  Contains transcriptions of numerous letters of H.P.B.]

Modern Religious Movements in India
by J. N. Farquhar
[Contains an almost 60 page overview of Blavatsky's life and another 20 pages on Annie Besant's life. Hostile.]

Modern Theosophy
by Hugh Shearman
Contents: The Meaning of Theosophy; History of H.P. Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society; Some Theosophical teachings; Theosophy and modern Thought.

Modern World Movements
by J.D. Buck
[Contains rare material on Blavatsky and the Mahatmas]

My Guest: H.P. Blavatsky
by Francesca Arundale
Contents: From Spiritualism to Theosophy; Early Impressions of Theosophy; H.P.B. at Our House; H.P.B. in Germany; and Letters of H.P. Blavatsky to Francesca Arundale.

Mysterious Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
by C. E. Bechofer-Roberts
["hostile" 1931 biography]

Occult Cosmogony: Modern Commentary to the Stanzas of Dzyan
Part Three, Descent of the Monads
by K. Chodkiewicz

Occult World (Facsimile of 1884 ed.)
by A.P. Sinnett.
[First major introduction about Blavatsky and the Mahatmas]
Contents: Occultism and its Adepts; The Theosophical Society; Recent occult phenomena; Teachings of occult philosophy; Conclusion.

Old Diary Leaves Vol. 1
by Henry S. Olcott
[Here are Colonel Olcott's vivid reminiscences of his association with Blavatsky in the New York days.]
This volume discusses America 1874 through 1878 and takes the reader from the first meeting of Madame Blavatsky and Colonel Olcott  through Blavatsky becoming an American citizen, formation of the British Theosophical Society, last days in New York and Blavatsky and Olcott sail for India.

Old Diary Leaves Vol. 2
by Henry S. Olcott

Old Diary Leaves Vol. 3
by Henry S. Olcott

Old Diary Leaves Vol. 4
by Henry S. Olcott

Outline of the Principles of Modern Theosophy
by Claude Falls Wright
[An excellent introduction to Theosophy by one of her Inner Group students.]
This work records outlines of some of the more important doctrines of the Theosophical philosophy, which several years' personal instruction from Madame Blavatsky and a study of her works has taught the author.

Pedigree of Man
by Annie Besant
[A study & commentary on the evolution of humankind as found in THE SECRET DOCTRINE]
by Annie Besant

People from the Other World (Facsimile of 1875 ed.)
by Henry S. Olcott
[Gives Olcott's earliest account of his first acquaintance with Mme. Blavatsky.]

Personal Memoirs of H.P. Blavatsky
compiled by Mary K. Neff

The Personality of H.P. Blavatsky
by C. Jinarajadasa
Provides insights on Blavatsky by the author and valuable reproductions of archival material on H.P.B.

Physics of the Secret Doctrine
by William Kingsland
Contents: Fundamental Principles; Matter and Motion; Primordial Substance; The Substantial Nature of Force; The Dawn of Evolution; The Cosmic Elements; The Evolution of Humanity and Evolution of the Elements; Physical Plane Matter; The Sun and Solar System; Fohat, Electricity, and Correlated Forces.

Real H.P. Blavatsky [A Biography]
by William Kingsland
A study in theosophy and a memoir of a great soul. The author's object in this work was not so much to write a biography to record the incidents in the eventful life of that remarkable woman, H.P. Blavatsky, as to endeavor in the first place to show from the existing records in connection with her history how the great modern Theosophical Movement originated, and what are the fundamental facts and principles on which it is based. In the second place, to disclose as far as may be possible the soul of the woman who was the central figure in the inception of that Movement.

Rebirth of the Occult Tradition:
How the Secret Doctrine of H.P. Blavatsky Was Written
by Boris Dezirkoff
An account of how H.P. Blavatsky composed her famous Secret Doctrine, including correspondence concerning the text. This book also discusses how the Secret Doctrine led to the rebirth of the occult tradition. A great book for readers and students of theosophy and those with an interest in the Secret Doctrine. A very complete and interesting story about one of the greatest books ever written on theosophy. Illustrations of those corresponding, original letters, and artwork are included.

Studies in Symbolism Theogonic and Astronomical
by Marguerite Mertens-Stienon
Based on H.P. Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine. An attempt towards elucidating the link between traditional astrology and the constitution of the universe and of man. Attempts to show the link that exists between mythology and the zodiac; that Saturn is the all important god of the planetary chain; how chakrams relate to astrology; and research into symbolism.

Studies in The Secret Doctrine
by Josephine Ransom
Mrs. Ransom mines the knowledge left to occult students by H.P. Blavatsky in The Secret Doctrine. Contents: Dhyan Chohans and Dhyani-Buddhas; Nirmanakayas; The Three Vestures; The Divine Five; Fohat; The Monad; and Diagram V.

Theosophist Magazine (July 1931-September 1931)
This reprint includes the "H.P.B. Centenary Number," The Theosophist, August 1931, pp. 553-692. Contains 140 pages of rare documents about H.P. Blavatsky including  letters of HPB, some of her manuscripts, plus facsimiles and illustrations.

Theosophist Magazine (May 1932-August 1932)
This reprint includes the "Olcott Centenary Number," The Theosophist, August 1932 pp. 467-692.  Contains 225 pages of rare documents about H.S. Olcott, H.P. Blavatsky and the Mahatmas. Including facsimiles and illustrations.

Theosophy: A Modern Revival of Ancient Wisdom
by Alvin Boyd Kuhn
[Important overview and survey of H.P. Blavatsky's life, writings and the early history of the Theosophical Movement.]
This book is an attempt to present a unified picture of the Theosophic movement in its larger aspects. Contents: Theosophy, An Ancient Tradition; The American Background of Theosophy; Helena P. Blavatsky: Her Life and Psychic Career; From Spiritualism to Theosophy; Isis Unveiled; The Mahatmas and Their Letters; Storm, Wreck, and Rebuilding; The Secret Doctrine; Evolution, Rebirth, and Karma; Esoteric Wisdom and Physical Science; Theosophy in Ethical Practice; Later Theosophical History; Some Facts and Figures; Bibliography.

Theosophy: Religion and Occult Science (Facsimile of 1885 ed.)
by Henry S. Olcott
Compilation of Olcott's Lectures:  Theosophy or Materialism:  Which?; England's Welcome; Theosophical Society and its Aims; Common Foundation of all Religions; Theosophy: The Scientific Basis of Religion; Theosophy: Its Friends and Enemies; Occult Sciences; Spiritualism and Theosophy; India: Past, Present and Future; Civilization that India Needs; Spirit of the Zoroastrian Religion; Life of Buddha and its Lessons.

Theosophy Magazine:  Reprints of Volumes I-IV
Edited by Robert Crosbie

Transcendental Universe
by C.G. Harrison.

William Quan Judge
by Sven Eek and Boris de Zirkoff
The life of a theosophical pioneer and some of his outstanding articles. Includes a bibliography of W.Q. Judge's writings and thirteen of his articles entitled: each member a center; theosophy generally stated; universal brotherhood a fact in nature; Mahatmas as ideals and facts; mesmerism; sheaths of the soul; cyclic impression and return and our evolution; astral intoxication; shall we teach clairvoyance; theosophical movement; theosophy and capital punishment; closing speech at European convention; fragments

Compiled by Daniel H. Caldwell
Blavatsky Study Center