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Letter 8

From H.P. Blavatsky to W.Q. Judge
Undated but probably written September 15, 1887


The letter just written you may or might show to C., therefore, I have written nothing then that would prevent you to do so. But what I say there is gospel. Master wants you to be elected for life, for reasons of his own, that's god's truth. I cannot write to C. that it was a test since it was not, but simply a question to which both of you answered.

I am ready to say any fib on lay principles, but I cannot say a lie when Master is concerned. You say you do "feel Master" in this. Well my dear fellow your intuition is at fault then. Less than you would I want to see him or anyone else (save yourself) elected for life; but once it is in the programme for future actions & policy, I have but to submit, disagreeable though it be for me personally. But if I do not like the idea, it is because I trust no one any longer, save yourself, & Olcott, perhaps. I have lost my last faith in Mankind & see & smell (rightly, if you please) Judases everywhere. But with you it is different. You do not want him elected for life because you exaggerate his evil tendencies; you dread his lying propensities, his "tricks" & vindictiveness. Well, you are right only as far as the latter vice goes. He is vindictive because he is proud, & if you make of him an enemy now — you will have murdered theosophy in the U.S. with your own hands. Vindictive he is, lying & trickyno. You do not know him. He is a sensitive & a terrible one. He is more than a medium, for he deceives not only his "sitters" & public but himself — which other mediums do not. He is a self-hypnotic to the last degree. He is that so much so, that while some of his "tricks" are apparent to you, they are truth & fact for him. He is what Mahomet was, yet Mahomet founded a religion which with all its faults is a 1000 times better than any except Buddhism. What matters it to you his karma if he obtains or creates good results for theosophy? Coues is our last trump-card. If you lose him you & the cause will have lost their battle. I tell you so. It is our Waterloo. Olcott is too weak though firm in appearance.

The whole plan that "upset" you, the "plan for life" is a consequence of his getting married to Mrs Bates. That woman is an angel, & my best friend among the she-females. She will be his salvation. This man is profoundly miserable in his hurt pride, & because people have never understood him rightly. He hates & despises the world, because it pelted him with mud for 20 years when he had not deserved it. He has of the traditional "fallen angel" in him & I repeat again — Judge, you do not understand the man. Let him be elected for a year & then — see. But whatever you do for mercy sake, for the sake of Masters, your own and the sake of the Cause do not become enemies again. I feel profoundly desperate & miserable, and you made me so. I had no thought of the thing; I had given up all idea when I heard that a political entente was going on between you two. I was warned. Then came your joint letters from Washington. Then Master ordered me to telegraph, I did, as told & now it upsets you!

My dearest friend you cannot make a theosophist according to your heart of him. But you can make an excellent weapon, a charmed "Thor's hammer" with which you may become Thor, the invincible against the "Frost Giants" of the malicious, wicked materialistic world. We must either do the best we can out of available material at hand or — shut up shop at once. Amen.

And now may the Masters enlighten you.


[M \ glyph]


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