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Letter 7

 From H.P. Blavatsky to W.Q. Judge
Dated September 15, 1887


Maycot Sept 15/87

 My dear W.Q.J.

Either I muddled up things writing one thing & thinking another or you misunderstood me. Master has suggested, as you say, not ordered (for He "orders" no longer since the unveiling of every prominent theosophist's character has commenced) — & therefore ordered (me alone) to telegraph to you both & ask you are you ready, or willing, or prepared to be elected for life. This does not mean that you should be elected right away & to begin with. The change of front would be too ludicrous & absurd. But it means just what I telegraphed to you.

Begin by being elected both of you for a year, and then if you are prepared to pledge yourselves both for life — then affairs & events may be turned off by unseen powers into such a groove that you will be unanimously elected for life — just as Olcott & I were — to go on with the work after our deaths. Do you understand what it means? It means that unless you consent, you force me to a miserable life & a miserable death with the idea preying on my mind that there is an end of theosophy. That for several years I will not be able to help it on & stir its course, because I will have to act in a body which will have to be assimilated to the Nirmanakaya, because even in Occultism there are such things as a failure, & a retardment, and a misfit. But you don't understand me, I see.

Judge, try to. Whatever you do hurry up, for you do not know what may come tomorrow. Nor do you know, to read peoples' characters yet, behind a thick veil of maya. Those you have an affection for, you will skip over their faults; those you have no love for, you exaggerate their defects. It is only human & natural, my dear friend, but — it is not theosophical.

Lucifer is sent to you; I do not like, or rather I am not so well satisfied with the first No. I have tried to make it entirely different from the Path & Theosophist, so as not to clash or hurt either, and now the actual thing itself jars upon me.

Go to India until the English put me out? Until the English put me[?] in, you mean. For this is what will happen if I go. C.O. is sure to side with the padris, and a lie against me is no sooner told than it is believed. Thanks. I believe I am more useful here, in London free then at Adyar in prison as a Russian spy — on suspicion. 

Yours ever & ever
HP Blavatsky

  Do as you like. Do not ask my advice any more for really I am ready to do anything you tell me, but I will advise you nothing. Let karma take its course.

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