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The So-Called Esoteric Bosh

By Veritas

[Reprinted from The Philosophic Inquirer
(Madras, India), September 7, 1884, p. 284]

(To the Editor of The "Bombay Gazette.")

SIR,---You recently reproduced from the Saturday Review an article directed against Theosophy and headed "Esoteric Bosh."  Permit me to say, however, that more bosh is written by the ignorant and exoteric many than the well-informed and esoteric few.  The Saturday Reviewer doubts the existence of Kut Hoomi.  Does he exist?  Yes, most certainly; and a very clever and learned man he is.  The Saturday Reviewer may be assured that he is no wizard dabbling in the black art, but a person who is learned himself, and who admires learning in others.  He has given up the world with its empty honors and vanities, to live a life of retirement.  He has been to England and studied at the University of Oxford, and subsequently in Germany.  Last year when Colonel Olcott and some Theosophists were at Lahore, he presented himself at their meeting, and before he took his departure he gave each of them a silk pocket handkerchief as a memento of his visit.