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Conditions During Sleep ("Invisible Helpers")


"Q. Is the apparent objectivity in a dream really objective or subjective?

"A. If it is admitted to be apparent, then of course it is subjective. The question should rather be, to whom or what are the pictures or representations in dreams either objective or subjective. To physical man, the dreamer, all he sees with his eyes shut, and in or through his mind, is of course subjective. But to the Seer within the physical dreamer, that Seer himself being subjective to our material senses, all he sees is as objective as he is himself to himself and to others like himself." (Transactions of the Blavatsky Lodge, p. 73)

"Q. What is the condition of the Linga Sarira (astral body - V.E.), or plastic body, during dreams?

"A. The condition of the Plastic form is to sleep with its body, unless projected by some powerful desire generated in the higher Manas. In dreams it plays no active part, but on the contrary is entirely passive, being the involuntary half-sleepy witness of the experiences through which the higher principles are passing." (Transactions of the Blavatsky Lodge, p. 76)

"Mind is a name given to the sum of the states of Consciousness grouped under Thought, Will and Feeling. During deep sleep, ideation ceases on the physical plane, and memory is in abeyance; thus for the time-being 'Mind is not,' because the organ, through which the Ego manifests ideation and memory on the material plane, has temporarily ceased to function. ...our 'Ego' is latent (in us) at the time of sushupti, sleep..." (Secret Doctrine I, pp. 38, 429)

"The three states of consciousness, which are Jagrat, the waking; Svapna, the dreaming; and Sushupti, the deep sleeping state." (Voice of the Silence, p. 6)

"Sleep is a sign that waking life has become too strong for the physical organism, and that the force of the life current must be broken by changing the waking for the sleeping state. Ask a good clairvoyent to describe the aura of a person just refreshed by sleep, and that of another just before going to sleep. The former will be seen bathed in rhythmical vibrations of life-currents - golden, blue, and rosy; these are the electrical waves of Life. The latter is, as it were, in a mist of intense golden-orange hue, composed of atoms whirling with an almost incredible spasmodic rapidity, showing that the person begins to be too strongly saturated with Life; the life essence is too strong for his physical organs, and he must seek relief in the shadowy side of that essence, which side is the dream element, or physical sleep, one of the states of consciousness." (Transactions of the Blavatsky Lodge, p. 71)


"Whi1e a man is what we call alive and awake on the physical earth he is limited by his physical body, for he uses the astral and mental bodies only as bridges to connect himself with his lowest vehicle. One of the limitations of the physical body is that it quickly becomes fatigued and needs periodical rest. Each night the man leaves it to sleep, and withdraws into his astral vehicle, which does not become fatigued and therefore needs no sleep. During this sleep of the physical body the man is free to move about in the astral world, but the extent to which he does this depends upon his development ... The educated man is generally able to travel in his astral vehicle whereever he will, and has much more consciousness in the astral world..." (C.W. Leadbeater, Textbook of Theosophy, pp. 61-2)

"The vast importance of the work which They are doing, and the enormous amount of it, make it obviously impossible that They should take up personal work with individuals. In the cases where such work has to be done it is always delegated to pupils... The work of the invisible helpers on the astral plane would simply not be done unless there were pupils at the stage where that is the best work they can do... For those who are acting as invisible helpers on the astral plane there are no separate levels; it is all one.

"In India the idea of service on the astral plane is not so widely known as in the West..." (C.W. Leadbeater, The Inner Life, Vol. I, pp. 19, 178) [22]

"During the night or at any time when we sleep he [the 'physical elemental' - Ed.] lets the nerves and muscles relax, and devotes himself specially to the assimilation of vitality and the recuperation of the physical body." (C. W. Leadbeater, The Chakras, p. 57)

"When vitalized atoms are... more sparsely scattered, the man in rude health increases his power of absorption, depletes a larger area, and so keeps his strength at the normal level; but invalids and men of small nerve-force, who cannot do this, often suffer severely, and find themselves growing weaker and more irritable without knowing why." (C. W. Leadbeater, The Chakras, pp. 46-7) [23]