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The Sacraments


"With the races of our Fifth Race it became in symbology the sacr', and in Hebrew n'cabvah, of the first-formed races... See that suggestive work, The Source of Measures, where the author explains the real meaning of the word 'sacr',  from which 'sacred,'  'sacrament,' are derived, which have now become synonyms of 'holiness,'  though purely phallic!" (Secret Doctrine, Proem, I, p. 5)



"The seven sacraments of Christianity cover the whole of life, from the welcome of baptism to the farewell of extreme unction. They were established by occultists, by men who knew the invisible worlds; and the materials used, the words spoken, the signs made, were all deliberately chosen and arranged with a view to bringing about certain results." ( Annie Besant, Esoteric Christianity, p. 224)   [6]