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Occultists and Facts


"It was H.P.B., who, acting under the orders of Atrya (one whom you do not know) was the first to explain in the Spiritualist the difference there was between psyche and nous, nefesh and ruach - Soul and Spirit. She had to bring the whole arsenal of proofs with her, quotations from Paul and Plato, from Plutarch and James, etc. before the Spiritualists admitted that the theosophists were right. It was then that she was ordered to write Isis - just a year after the Society had been founded." (Mahatma Letters, p. 289, #52)

"And to show you how exact a science is occultism let me tell you that the means we avail ourselves of are all laid down for us in a code as old as humanity to the minutest detail..." (Mahatma Letters, p. 144, #22)

"...I the humble undersigned Fakir certify that the Secret Doctrine is dictated to Upasika [H.P.B] partly by myself and partly by my brother K.H. - M..." [Mahatma Morya] (Letter to Dr. Hubbe-Schleiden, Invitation to The Secret Doctrine, Theosophical University Press)

"...this you must tell to all: - With occult matters she [H.P.B.] has everything to do. We have not abandoned her; she is not 'given over to chelas'. She is our direct agent." (Letters to the Masters of the Wisdom I, p. 46)


"She (H.P.B) often in her humility, buttresses her own true statements with a mass of rubbish from inferior writers picked up haphazard; on minor points she of ten speaks hastily and carelessly; and further, she confuses her teachings with excessive digressions..." (Annie Besant, Theosophical Review, August, 1899) 

"Sometimes the Masters themselves used her (H.P.B.'s) body, and wrote or spoke directly through her.  At other times when her ego was elsewhere engaged, one or other of two pupils, of lower degree than herself , would take the body, and there were even certain occasions when another woman would be in charge." (C.W. Leadbeater, The Inner Life II, p. 382)