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Sleeping Atoms


        "Life is ever present in the atom of matter, whether organic or inorganic, conditioned or unconditioned - a difference that the occultists do not accept. Their doctrine is that life is as much present in the inorganic as in the organic matter:   when life-energy is active in the atom, that atom is organic; when dormant or latent, then the atom is inorganic... The 'Jiva,' or life principle which animates man, beast, plant, and even mineral, certainly is 'a form of force indestructible'... Were it to become, we will not say absent, for this is impossible, since it is omnipresent, but for one single instant inactive, say in a stone, the particle the latter would lose instantly their cohesive property and disintegrate as suddenly - though the force would still remain in each of its particles, but in a dormant state. Thus the continuation of the sentence which states that, when this is 'disconnected with one set of atoms, it becomes attracted immediately by others' does not imply that it abandons entirely the first set, but only that it transfers its vis viva or living power, the energy of motion, to another set. But because it manifests itself in the next set as what is called Kinetic energy, it does not follow that the first set is deprived of it altogether; for it is still in it, as potential energy, or life latent. ...we regard and call in our occult phraseology those atoms that are moved by Kinetic energy as 'life atoms,' while those that are for the time being passive, containing but invisible potential energy, we call 'sleeping atoms' ..." (Blavatsky Collected Writings V, pp. 111-13)


      "The physical body disintegrates at death; its particles scatter, all carrying with them the result of the experiences through which they have passed - as indeed all particles of our bodies are ever doing day by day, in their ceaseless dyings out of one body and ceaseless birthings into another. But the physical permanent atom remains; it is the only atom that has passed through all the experiences of the ever-changing conglomerations we call our body, and it has acquired all the results of all those experiences. Wrapped in its golden cocoon, it sleeps through the long years during which the Jivatman that owns it is living through other experiences in other worlds. By these it remains unaffected, being incapable of responding to them, and it sleeps throuugh its long night in undisturbed repose. ...H. P. Blavatsky throws out a hint as to these 'sleeping atoms.'  (See The Secret Doctrine II, 710) (Annie Besant, A Study in Consciousness, p. 60) [29]