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Atman or Atma


"...Atman or seventh principle ridded of its mayavic distinction from its Universal Source - which becomes the object of perception for, and by the individuality centered in Buddhi, the sixth principle... Nor is it the 'Spirit of Buddhas present in the Church,' but the Omipresent Universal Spirit in the temple of nature - in one case; and the seventh principle - the Atman in the temple - man -in the other. "  (Mahatma Letters, pp. 343-4, #59)

"First of all, Spirit (in the sense of the Absolute, and therefore, indivisible ALL), or Atma." (Key to Theosophy, p. 119)


"The fifth plane, the nirvanic, is the plane of the highest human aspect of the God within us, and this aspect is named by Theosophists Atma, or the Self . It is the plane of pure existence, of divine powers in their fullest manifestation in our fivefold universe - what lies beyond on the sixth and seventh planes is hidden in the unimaginable light of God." (Annie Besant, Ancient Wisdom, p. 184)