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Mr. Claude Falls Wright's  "March 29, 1896 Testimony"
about Mrs. Katherine Tingley

[Excerpted from EST Circular of April 3, 1896, pp. 14-15

Claude Falls Wright". . . I met this Chela - "Promise" - several times in 1894 and 1895.   Mr. Judge introduced me at a meeting of the Aryan T.S. in 1894, saying to me beforehand:  "Here is some one I want you to look at closely; it is a particular person."  He afterwards told me that "Promise" frequently was in touch with the Lodge.  Later he sent me to a house where "Promise" was staying, and there this chela went into a trance and told me much of the future - more particularly of the founding of a great school of occultism in the West - the revival of the ancient mysteries - which was afterwards embodied by W.Q. Judge in the E.S.T. Circular of November 3d, 1894, where he says that one of the objects of H.P.B. was "the establishment in the West of a great seat of learning where shall be taught and explained and demonstrated the great theories of man and nature which she brought forward to us, where western occultism, as the essence combined out of all others, should be taught."  And this is part of the great work shortly to be begun, and which will be accomplished by unity and strength among us now.

And I have to call your attention to an extract from a letter of H.P.B. to W.Q.J., October 23d, 1889.  "The day W.Q.J. resigns H.P.B. will be virtually dead for the Americans.  W.Q.J. is the antaskarana between the American thought and . . . . esoteric knowledge."  W.Q.J. did not resign, and H.P.B. is not dead to the Americans; for, as stated in the Circular of November 3d, 1894, "H.P.B. has not reincarnated.  That Ego is quite conscious and working towards the final accomplishment of the end in view, which depends very largely upon the members of the Theosophical Society and on their loyalty."  And H.P.B. said she would come through "Promise."  I have had ample proof that she has already come in this manner.

That we would not be deserted all of you must have felt sure.  It is this trust and call that has continued our school under the direct protection of the Masters and the Lodge.  We on the platform have in the last few days had marvelous proofs of this.   I must only add that I fully and freely corroborate all that has been said here to-day.

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