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The Judge Diary Question - Mr. Hargrove Speaks

by H.N. Stokes

[Reprinted from O.E. Library Critic (Washington, D.C.), March 1933, pp. 6-7.]

In its discussion of the genuineness of the Hargrove quotations from papers of W.Q. Judge referring to Mrs. Tingley, the United Lodge of Theosophists publication, The Theosophical Movement:  a History and a Survey, states that "in no place is the specific statement made that any of the alleged 'proofs' were in Mr. Judge's handwriting."  (page 667)

Dr. Joseph H. Fussell has already come forward with the testimony that these documents, recently discovered in the archives of the Point Loma Theosophical Society, are in Judge's writing (see December CRITIC), a statement which the Bombay U.L.T. organ, The Theosophical Movement, refused to publish, after having cast aspersions on him.  This is confirmed by the CRITIC (September, 1932) from a partial set of photographs of the documents.  The CRITIC has since received a much fuller set of photographs, nearly complete, in Judge's writing, containing the Hargrove quotations.   Further reference may be made to these later.

Mr. E.T. Hargrove has now spoken in a letter addressed to the Editors of The Theosophical Quarterly and published in its July, 1933, issue (page 88) from which I quote in part:

Originals Written by Judge

"(1)  The papers in question gave exactly what they purported to give, namely, extracts from Judge's diaries and occult records, referring to Mrs. Tingley, in his handwriting, accurately copied, nothing being omitted which would have discredited or nullified the passages quoted.  The originals were seen at the time by several persons who certified that they had seen them.

"(2)  Mrs. Tingley was Judge's successor so far as his non-public position was concerned.  She was intended to serve as a stop-gap."

Mrs. Tingley Deposed by Masters

"(3) Mrs. Tingley failed, and then intrenched herself in her failure.   Her new position had fostered her ambition and other very serious weaknesses.   Consequently she was deposed by the order of those whom from the beginning Judge recognized as his Superiors and as the true Founders of the Theosophical Society."

We Are the Elect

"(4) As Mrs. Tingley refused to accept her deposition and was able to persuade many that it was invalid - not even the formation by her at Chicago of the so-called Universal Brotherhood with herself as Official Leader with autocratic powers, serving to open their eyes - the task of carrying on the Work of Judge and of H.P.B. and their Masters, fell to those who have been identified with The Theosophical Society and with the Theosophical Quarterly from that time to this."

All Others "Out of the Movement"

"(5) The Point Loma Society represents those who followed Mrs. Tingley out of the Movement, in spite of her obvious failure and her open violation of Theosophical principles."

"(6)  The United Lodge represents those who, like Robert Crosbie, followed Mrs. Tingley to Point Loma, out of the Movement, and who, when they did finally wake up to the fact of her failure, lacked the moral courage to seek readmission to the real Society, preferring instead to claim they had been deceived, and that Mrs. Tingley never had been Judge's occult legatee."

"(7)  The Adyar Society represents those who attacked, slandered, and did their utmost to destroy Judge, as part of the Brahman campaign to destroy the reputation of H.P.B."

Naturally Mr. Hargrove takes the attitude of his particular society with regard to the later history of Mrs. Tingley.  With this I am not concerned here, though it is somewhat amusing to note that "the task of carrying on the Work of Judge and of H.P.B. and their Masters fell to" his particular organization, constituting it THE ONE AND ONLY, while all of the other folks are "out of the Movement", no matter how loudly they swear by the same Judge, H.P.B. and Masters.  One would also be interested to learn on what he bases his statement in "(3)" that Mrs. Tingley was deposed by order of the Masters.  It should not be forgotten that Mrs. Besant based her attack on Judge upon purported orders of the Master received by her personally (The Case Against W.Q. Judge, page 13).  Without intending to reflect on Mr. Hargrove's sincerity one would like to know what actual proof exists of the genuineness of such orders regarding Mrs. Tingley.  These "Masters" are certainly most accommodating, adapting themselves to everybody's desires.

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