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C.F. Willard Writes about Judge's Diary & Robert Crosbie

[This excerpt from a letter written by Cyrus Field Willard was published by Albert E.S. Smythe
in The Canadian Theosophist, March 15, 1932, pp. 16-17.] 

I know now that Judge never designated Katherine Tingley as his successor, although Robert Crosbie assured me that he [Judge] had and [Crosbie] also told me he had seen Judge's occult diary in which it was so stated.  I know now from the custodian of that diary and who now has it, that he [Judge] designated some one by the symbol of the three-barred cross [] as his successor and she [Tingley] claimed that [sign ] meant her.  Later Crosbie came to me after he had left Point Loma and said that she never had been appointed by Judge.  I recalled to him that he had said after Judge's death when he returned to Boston that he had and he denied it, and I told him either he was lying then or had been lying in Boston.  You know I was a member of the Boston Branch before he was, and when we used to meet in Mrs. McCoy's house on West Newton St. I backed Griggs to take our rooms on Boylston St. and helped to elect Griggs as President of the Boston Branch and we elected Crosbie as Secretary.  When Griggs went out I helped to elect Crosbie in his place.  On account of my night work on the Boston Globe I could not be present at the meetings of the Branch very often.

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