Published by Blavatsky Study Center.  Online Edition copyright 2003.

[Reply to Mr. Fussell's Letter]

[Reprinted from The Theosophical Movement (Bombay, India) January 17, 1933, p.22.]

We have received from Mr. Fussell, Secretary General of the Point Loma Theosophical Society, a copy of a long letter addressed to the Editor of the Canadian Theosophist.  We are requested to publish it, because of our remarks in the July issue about Mr. Judge's alleged diary and Mr. Neresheimer's statement about it.  Mr. Fussell says that other diaries exist, besides the one to which Mr. Neresheimer referred.   We repeat what we said then - let photographic reprints of the numerous diaries be produced so that the Theosophical world may judge for itself.  Was it not Mr. Judge who said - "He laughs best who does it last, and time is a devil for grinding things."

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