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Theosophical Activities
[Concerning Mr. Judge's Diary]

[Reprinted from The Theosophical Movement (Bombay, India) July 17, 1932, p. 69.]

Much has been heard, especially recently, about the appointment of Mrs. Tingley, by Mr. Judge, as his occult successor.  Those who have been familiar with Mr. Judge's teachings, and especially those who have studied with judicial impartiality the whole proceedings of the ascent to power of Mrs. Tingley knew that such talk and claim were sheer fabrications.  That claim was mainly sustained by a reference to Mr. Judge's Diary, which, it was said, contained Mr. Judge's appointment of Mrs. Tingley.   That Diary has been in the possession of Mr. Neresheimer who has now issued a statement for private circulation in which he says that the said diary contains not a word about the appointment of Mrs. Tingley.  The whole story has been carefully narrated at pp. 654-670 in The Theosophical Movement, A History and a Survey and this statement of Mr. Neresheimer but brings additional reasons to disregard the "succession" story.  We agree with Mr. Smythe who writes on the subject in the May Canadian Theosophist that Mr. Neresheimer should "publish in full his account of this affair."   But what is more important is that he should publish the photographic facsimile of the entire diary.  Mr. Judge's own words, signs and marks will remove, as nothing else will, the black spots his misguided followers put upon his fair name.

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