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[Amende Honorable]

Editorial Note by Albert E.S. Smythe
to the article titled "Mr. Fussell Explains"

[Reprinted from The Canadian Theosophist, January 15, 1933, p. 352.] 

We desire to call attention to the article by Mr. J.H. Fussell, Secretary-General of the Point Loma Theosophical Society in which he gives important information regarding Mr. Judge's relations with Mrs. Tingley.  The reluctance with which information of this kind has been extracted from various sources will justify us, we believe, for bringing these matters into public notice, as this appears to be the only way to get at the facts.  Mr. Hargrove continues to be coy.   We have not heard from Mr. Neresheimer, but accept Mr. Fussell's account of his [Neresheimer's] visit [to the Headquarters of the Point Loma T.S.] and promised recantation which, of course, deprives us of the basis on which our article was founded.  We appreciate Mr. Fussell's generosity in not resorting to legal action, and trust that the publication of his letter will be accepted as an amende honorable.

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