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[The Diary of Mr. W.Q. Judge]

[by Albert E. S. Smythe]

[Reprinted from The Canadian Theosophist, March 15, 1932, pp. 16-17.] 

We understand that the Diary of Mr. W.Q. Judge, whose death occurred 36 years ago this month, is in independent hands and might be available for publication.  It is a moral obligation on the part of anyone possessing it to show that the fallacious doctrine of "apostolic succession" has no place nor support in the Judge Diary.  Mr. Cyrus Field Willard, of the Philalethes Society says, "the Diary ought to be printed."  His letter, from which the following quotation is taken, places the matter plainly:  -

"I know now that Judge never designated Katherine Tingley as his successor, although Robert Crosbie assured me that he [Judge] had and also told me he had seen Judge's occult diary in which it was so stated.  I know now from the custodian of that diary and who now has it, that he designated some one by the symbol of the three-barred cross [] as his successor and she [Tingley] claimed that [] meant her.  Later Crosbie came to me after he had left Point Loma and said that she never had been appointed by Judge.  I recalled to him that he had said after Judge's death when he returned to Boston that he had and he denied it, and I told him either he was lying then or had been lying in Boston.  You know I was a member of the Boston Branch before he was, and when we used to meet in Mrs. McCoy's house on West Newton St. I backed Griggs to take our rooms on Boylston St. and helped to elect Griggs as President of the Boston Branch and we elected Crosbie as Secretary.  When Griggs went out I helped to elect Crosbie in his place.  On account of my night work on the Boston Globe I could not be present at the meetings of the Branch very often."

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