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Letter from J.H. Fussell to Rev. S.J. Neill

[Reprinted from the book titled The Theosophical Movement:   1875-1950 by the Editors of Theosophy Magazine (The Cunningham Press, 1951) pp. 272-273.   In an endnote on page 341 of the above book, the reader is told:   "The original of Mr. Fussell's letter of March 28, 1896 to S.J. Neill is in the possession of the editors of this volume."  A few years ago, a search for this Fussell letter was made in the archives of the U.L.T. / Theosophy Company, Los Angeles, California.  The original could not be located. See also the Comments by the Editors of Theosophy Magazine on the Letter from J.H. Fussell to Rev. S.J. Neill.] 

March 28, '96
144 Madison Ave. New York

Rev. S.J. Neill, Auckland, N.Z.
Dear Bro. Neill,

I know you will wish to hear concerning E.S.T matters and the status of affairs since the passing away of the Outer Head [W.Q. Judge] of the E.S.T.

So far as is at present known W.Q.J. has left no directions in regard to carrying on the work of the School.  Of course if he has done this, such directions will be followed.

An informal meeting was held last Sunday afternoon (Mar. 22) at the house of C.A. Griscom, Jr. to talk over matters relating to the work.   There were present C.A. Griscom, Jr., E.A. Neresheimer, Jas. M. Pryse, E.T. Hargrove, C.F. Wright, H.T. Patterson, A.H. Spencer, E.B. Page and J.H. Fussell.

In regard to the E.S.T. the following plan was proposed.  That in the event of there being no directions left by Mr. Judge, a circular letter be sent out, signed by the above named and other New York members of the School to all E.S.T. members in America, suggesting that a Council be formed to carry on the routine work of the School, such Council to be concerned solely with this and having no authority as teachers or in strictly esoteric matters.  Members will be asked to sign and return a printed slip to the effect that they approve of the plan for organization, etc.

The above is only a rough statement of the idea, but its purpose is to get the members to hold together and to coordinate the efforts of all so that we may be kept in touch with one another.

As soon as such Council is formed we will have a basis from which to work and be able to cooperate with the Council in the Eastern Division appointed by Mr. Judge.

Of course nothing will be done in this matter until we are assured that no directions have been found among the Chief's papers.

I will keep you informed of anything that may be done or that may turn up in regard to the work.

With good wishes to you all,

Fraternally yours,
                 (Signed)   Joseph H. Fussell

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