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William Q. Judge's 'Occult Diary'

by Joseph H. Fussell

[Reprinted from The Theosophical Forum, January 15, 1933, pp. 130-131.] 

A statement has been made and published and more or less widely circulated concerning certain 'messages and quotations' which were read by Mr. E.T. Hargrove at an E.S.T. meeting held in New York, March 29, 1896, and afterwards published in an E.S.T. circular dated April 3, 1896, appearing in that circular on pages 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 thereof, that "Those alleged 'messages and quotations' attributed to Mr. Judge could only have been concocted by Mrs. Tingley, assisted by Mr. Hargrove and Mr. J.H. Fussell."

I have both orally and in correspondence denied the truth of this monstrous and libelous statement.  Now, for the purpose of historical record, I issue this present declaration; namely, that William W. Judge's originals, in his own handwriting, of all of "those alleged 'messages and quotations' " just above referred to, are in the Archives of the Theosophical Society and are at present in the custody of the undersigned.   Furthermore, these originals may be seen under proper restrictions by an responsible and honorable Theosophist who cares to make an appointment  with me for that purpose.

At the request of the Leader of the Theosophical Society, Dr. G. de Purucker, and in accordance with my own feeling, in order to save the fair name of Theosophists from being brought into public disrepute, I have decided not to resort to legal measures against any who have hitherto published the above-mentioned wrong and libelous statement against Katherine Tingley, Mr. Hargrove and myself, namely, of having 'concocted' the "alleged 'messages and quotations.' "

I leave the matter to the judgment of all right-minded Theosophists; but I have requested, and do hereby request, those who have published or in any way circulated the libelous charge made, to give the same publicity to the facts as herein stated that has been given to the libel.  This is the very least that I have a right to expect from Brother-Theosophists.

Secretary General.

     Oakley House, Bromley Common,
          Kent, England.  December 18, 1932.

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