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The Judge Diaries

by H.N. Stokes

[Reprinted from The Canadian Theosophist (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada), Feb. 15, 1933, pp. 391-392.]

Editor, Canadian Theosophist: - Referring to your article in the May Canadian Theosophist (pages 69,70) in which Mr. Neresheimer is quoted as saying that he has in possession Judge's Occult Diary, and that as it contains none of the passages quoted by Mr. E.T. Hargrove in 1896 in support of Mrs. Tingley, these "could only have been concocted by Mrs. Tingley, assisted by Mr. Hargrove and Mr. J.H. Fussell", I have been informed that there are several Judge diaries - at least four- at present in the Point Loma archives.  Recently they have unearthed in addition a series of loose sheets in Judge's handwriting, containing the quotations made by Mr. Hargrove, and which they designate as a "loose-leaf diary".

I have been furnished with photographs of five of these sheets, which contain six of the disputed quotations, including the more important ones.  I submitted these to two friends who have been intimately associated with Mr. Judge, who at once pronounced them to be in his handwriting.  Together we compared them with several personal, signed and handwritten letters from Mr. Judge in their possession, and we agreed that there could be no doubt that the writing of the loose sheets was his.

I have since been informed that further sheets, containing and completing the entire series of Hargrove quotations, and in Judge's handwriting, have been discovered at Point Loma.  That they should not have been available before is natural enough, as nearly every office has a lot of unsorted and unclassified material.

The existence of these sheets in Judge's handwriting should completely explode the theory that the Hargrove quotations were "concocted by Mrs. Tingley assisted by Mr. Hargrove and Mr. J.H. Fussell."  They were undoubtedly written by Judge himself, unless we can prove that one at least of the persons accused was not only a deceiver but a very skillful forger.  The text of the photographic sheets submitted to me, together with certain interesting points regarding them, will be published in the CRITIC.

H.N. Stokes
Editor, The O.E. Library Critic
1207 Q St., N.W., Washington, D.C.

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