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Statement of the
Hon'ble J
[ohn] Smith,

Member of the Legislative Council, N.S.W., Professor in Sydney University, President of the Royal Society, N.S.W., &c., &c. (1)

[Reprinted from A.O. Hume's Hints on Esoteric Theosophy,
No. 1
, Calcutta, 1882, 2nd. ed., pp. 97-98.]

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Dear Colonel Olcott, -

While the following facts are fresh in my memory I place them on record for your use.

On the evening of 31st January, when the daily batch of letters were being opened, one was found to contain some red writing different from the body of the letter. Col. Olcott took two unopened letters and asked Madame Blavatsky if she could perceive similar writing in them. Putting them to her forehead she said one contained the word "carelessly" and the other something about Col. Olcott and a branch at Cawnpore.   I then examined these letters and found the envelopes sound. I opened them and saw the words mentioned. One letter from Meerut, one from Cawnpore, and one from Hyderabad. Next day at tiffin Col. Olcott remarked that if I were to get any letters while here there might be some of the same writing in them. I replied that there would be "no chance of that, as no one would write to me". Madame Blavatsky then looking fixedly for a little, said: "I see a Brother here." He asks if you would like some such token as to what we have been speaking of", [I cannot give the exact words]. I replied that I would be much gratified. She rose from the table and told us to follow her. Taking my hand, she led me along the verandah, stopping and looking about at some points till we reached the door of my bed-room. She then desired me to enter alone and look round the room to see if there was anything unusual, and to close the other doors. I did so, and was satisfied the room was in its usual condition. She desired us to sit down, and in doing so took my hands in both of hers. In a few seconds a letter fell at my feet. It seemed to me to appear first above the level of my head. On opening the envelope I found a sheet of note paper headed with a Government stamp of the North-Western Provinces and Oudh, and the following words written with red pencil, in exactly the same handwriting as that in the letters of the previous evening: "NO CHANCE of writing to you inside your letters, but I can write direct. Work for us in Australia, and we will not prove ungrateful, but will prove to you our actual existence, and thank you." A fair review of the circumstances excludes, in my opinion, any theory of fraud.

Bombay, 2nd February, 1882.

(Sd.) J. Smith


(1)  The Hon'ble Professor Smith, on his way home from Australia, was stopping for a few days at our [Theosophical Society] head-quarters. - H.S.O[lcott].