by Gershon Scholem

Table of Contents

Part One: Kabbalah

1. Introduction
General notes
Terms used for Kabbalah

2. The Historical Development of Kabbalah
The Early Beginnings of Mysticism and Esotericism
Apocalyptic Esotericism and Merkabah Mysticism
Esoteric Literature: the Heikhalot, the Ma'aseh Bereshit, and the Literature of Magic
Jewish Gnosis and the Sefer Yezirah
Mysticism in the Geonic Period
Hasidic Movements in Europe and Egypt
The Establishment of Kabbalah in Provence
The Kabbalist Center of Gerona
Other Currents in 13th Century Spanish Kabbalah
The Kabbalah in the 14th Century up to the Expulsion from Spain
The Kabbalah After the Expulsion from Spain and the New Center in Safed
The Kabbalah in Later Times

3. The Basic Ideas of Kabbalah
God and Creation
Emanation and the Concept of the Sefirot
Details of the Doctrine of the Sefirot and their Symbolism
Earlier Worlds, Lower Worlds, and Cosmic Cycles (the Doctrine of Shemittot)
The Problem of Evil
The Doctrine of Creation in Lurianic Kabbalah
The Kabbalah and Pantheism
Man and his Soul (Psychology and Anthropology of the Kabbalah)
Exile and Redemption
The Torah and its Significance
The Mystic Way
Practical Kabbalah

4. The Wider Influences of and Research on Kabbalah
The Influence of Kabbalah on Judaism
The Christian Kabbalah
Scholarship and the Kabbalah


Part Two: Topics

1. The Zohar
2. Shabbetai Zevi and the Shabbatean Movement
3. Jacob Frank and the Frankists
4. Ba'al Shem
5. Sefer ha-Bahir
6. Chiromancy
7. Demonology in Kabbalah
8. The Doenmeh
9. Eschatology
10. Gematria
11. Gilgul
12. Golem
13. Lilith
14. Magen David
15. Meditation
16. Merkabah Mysticism
17. Metatron
18. Providence
19. Samael

Part Three: Personalities

1. Azriel of Gerona
2. Naphtali Bacharach
3. Abraham Miguel Cardozo
4. Moses Cordovero (by J. B. Ben Shlomo)
5. Jonathan Eybeschuetz
6. Joseph Gikatilla
7. Nehemiah Hayon
8. Christian Knorr von Rosenroth
9. Isaac Luria
10. Hayyim Malakh
11. Moses ben Shem Tov de Leon
12. Nathan of Gaza
13. Judah Leib Prossnitz
14. Hayyim Vital
15. Moses Zacuto
16. Joshua Heshel Zoref

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