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The Theosophist Society

To the Editor of the "Bombay Gazette."

by Henry S. Olcott

[Reprinted from The Bombay Gazette, October 13, 1880.]


Sir, --- The injurious rumour having been put in circulation by certain of the Bombay journals that Madame Blavatsky and I had no intention of returning to the city, and that our Theosophical Society had probably held its last meeting there, kindly permit me a word of explanation. Our present trip to the Punjab and North-West Provinces was planned soon after our return from Ceylon, with the definite object of quieting, once and for all, any lingering misconception among the Indian authorities as to the plans of the Society in this country. It keep aloof from the ruling class: and since we could not prosecute our work successfully without their benevolent sympathy, we determined to form their acquaintance, and establish mutually amicable relations. It was also important that our connection with the Arya Samaj and its eminent founder --- some of whose views we could not accept, despite our friendship and regard for him --- should be clearly defined. Accordingly we went first to Meerut and passed a week with the Swami, and thence came to Simla. In both cases our plans have been fully realised. Henceforth (should nothing now unforeseen occur) the Society’s operation will be carried on under very favourable auspices. We have been received here with the greatest kindness, and every social courtesy has been extended to us by the highest officials. His excellency the Viceroy has also invited me to a Soiree at Government House.  Major Henderson, of the Foreign Office, after much enquiry into the facts, has frankly admitted that we have done more to create a good feeling between the two races than the Government itself, since we have won the love of the people. He advised us to attend the forth-coming State darbar at Lahore, and kindly promises to make known everywhere during his official tour through the Native States the fact that our Society is no longer under official disfavour.

Such is the situation of affairs and the explanation of our absence from Bombay at this juncture. We expect to visit Benares on our way home. His highness the Maharajah having invited us to become his guests, and to discuss with the orthodox pandits upon the subject of the revival of Aryan science, and other matters. We hope to reach Bombay early in December, if not sooner, and then to enjoy a little rest after our long and arduous journey to the foot of the Himalayas. ---

Faithfully yours,
H. S. O

Simla, Oct. 2.

[See Major Henderson's reply to Colonel Olcott's article. --- BAO Editor.]