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Madame Blavatsky and Her "Theosophy": A Study
by Arthur Lillie

London : Swan Sonnenschein & Co., 1895.  228 pp.

Table of Contents
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I.      Tibet
II.     What Madame Blavatsky Learnt in Tibet
III.    The Societe Spirite
IV.    The "Miracle Club"
V.     The Brothers of Luxor
VI.    The Theosophical Society
VII.   Arya Samaj
VIII.  The "Pioneer"
IX.     "The Shrine"
X.      Anna Kingsford
XI.     Professor Kiddle
XII.    Buddhism, "Esoteric" and Genuine
XIII.   A Change of Front
XIV.   Theosophy True and False
XV.     Ceremonial Magic
XVI.    A Last Chapter

Appendix No. I — The Mahatma and the "Westminster Gazette"
Appendix No. II —  Blavatskyana (See bottom of page.)

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