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Overviews of & Collations from the Classics of Theosophy

•  Isis Unveiled:  H.P. Blavatsky's First Book see also  
•   Isis Unveiled:  An Overview see also
•   Studies in Isis Unveiled see also
•   Mahatma Letters:  A Summary  see also
•   Secret Doctrine:  A Birdeye's View see also
•   The Stanzas of Dzyan
•  Stanzas of Dzyan — A Study Guide
•   The Voice of the Silence:  Selected Extracts  see also

•  The Origin of Modern Theosophy
•  Great Adepts and Trained Seers:   Knowledge of Spiritual Facts by Personal Experience and from Actual Observation
•  The Sevenfold Constitution of a Human Being
•  At the Solemn Moment of Death 
•  On the Monad 
•  Reincarnation and Karma
•  Psychic versus Initiate Visions & Knowledge
•  Theosophical Terms - A Glossary

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