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Introductions to Theosophy
30 Recommended Books

The title link will take you to the online version if available.  If there is no online version then the link goes to a bookseller where you can buy a copy of the book.
Highly recommended are the books by Madame Blavatsky and also #19 by Knoche, #13 by Farthing, #21 by McDavid and #26 by Sinnett.

Abdill, Edward.  The Secret Gateway: Modern Theosophy and the Ancient Wisdom Tradition. 2005.
2  Algeo, John.  Theosophy:   An Introductory Course.  4th Edition.  2007.
3  Barborka, Geoffrey A.   The Divine Plan: Written in the Form of a Commentary on H. P. Blavatsky's "Secret Doctrine."  1961.
4  Blavatsky, H.P.  Foundations of Esoteric Philosophy from the Writings of H.P. Blavatsky. 1990.
5  Blavatsky, H.P.   An Invitation to The Secret Doctrine. 1988.
6  Blavatsky, H.P.  Key to Theosophy.   1889.
7  Blavatsky, H.P.  Voice of the Silence. 1889.
8  Blavatsky, H. P. After Death Consciousness and Processes. 1996.
9  Blavatsky, H.P.  Studies in Occultism.   1895.
10  Campbell, Bruce.  The Ancient Wisdom Revived.  1981.
11  de Purucker, Gottfried
. Fountain-Source of Occultism:  A Modern Presentation of the Ancient Universal Wisdom. 1974.
12  Ellwood, Robert.  Theosophy:  A Modern Expression of the Wisdom of the Ages1986.
13  Farthing, Geoffrey A.  Deity, Cosmos and Man: An Outline of Esoteric Science. 1993.
14   Goodrick-Clarke, Nicholas, compiler.   Helena Blavatsky.  2004.
15  Hanson
, Virginia, editor
. H.P. Blavatsky and The Secret Doctrine.  2nd Revised Edition.  1988.

16  Hejka-Ekins, April, Hejka-Ekins, Jerry and Forray, Brett.  The Perennial Wisdom Fundamental Teachings of H.P. Blavatsky:  A Study Guide.  1990.
17  Humphreys, Christmas.  The Field of Theosophy: The Teacher, the Teaching and the Way.  1966.
18 Judge, William Q.  The Ocean of Theosophy.  1893.
19  Knoche, Grace F.  To Light a Thousand Lamps: A Theosophic Vision.  2001.
20  Kuhn, Alvin BoydTheosophy:   A Modern Revival of Ancient Wisdom.   1930.
21  McDavid, William Doss.   An Introduction to Esoteric Principles:   A Study Guide.  3rd Edition.  2007.
22  Mojzesz, Nick.  Lessons in Theosophy (A Besant/Leadbeater Perspective).
23  Nicholson, Shirley J.   Ancient Wisdom—Modern Insight. 1985.
24   Pratt, H. Burford, compiler.  Fragments from the Teachings of H.P. Blavatsky.  1927.
25  Ryan, Charles J.  What Is Theosophy?: A General View for Inquirers.  1948.
26  Sinnett, A. P Esoteric Buddhism.  1883.
27  Thomas, Margaret, compilerTheosophy Versus Neo-Theosophy:   Blavatsky's Teachings Compared to Those of Besant & Leadbeater.   1995.
28  Warcup, Adam. Cyclic Evolution: A Theosophical View.  1986.
29  Winner,  Anna Kennedy.  The Basic Ideas of Occult Wisdom.  1970.
30  Wright, Claude Falls.  An Outline of the Principles of Modern Theosophy.  1894.