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Introducing You to This Website....

So you want to know more about this controversial Russian lady in the photo.....Helena Petrovna Blavatsky??  Would you like to learn more about her teachings on Theosophy, too??

Then you're in luck!  This website can help & assist your own search, exploration, inquiry and quest to answer the above & related questions.  You'll find much food for thought & discussion....

Every month, readers from around the world (from more than 100 countries) come to this site.  Why?  Well, maybe because this website has lots...actually tons...of material (pro, con & neutral) about Madame Blavatsky's life, work, writings, teachings on Theosophy & many related esoteric & occult topics. 

For a general overview of what we offer & some advice (& a word of warning or two) about all this material, read on.....just keep scrolling down the page....

Now the Overview.....that we promised.

For newbies to H.P.B. & Theosophy, we have some simple & concise introductory material (the ABC's) to get you up to speed.....And for long-time students & scholars, this website has many primary sources to offer--- some of which are so rare that it took literally years to find them....

You can read our unique full-length online biography of H.P.B. and/or look at other biographical accounts & more reminiscences of people who knew her....You will find rare documents about her life --- not found anywhere else on the web....You can also read the accounts & testimonies of persons who saw & met her Masters.

We have also published on this website the major negative, hostile accounts about Mme. Blavatsky as well as the positive assessments of her life & work.  You can read & download & study these major attacks against Mme. Blavatsky & then compare & contrast them with the rebuttals written in response to these attacks, & possibly come to your own informed opinion as to the truth or falsity of the various claims & counter-claims.

Furthermore, at this website, you can read the original editions of Mme. Blavatsky's major books (& download them for further use), access her voluminous articles & many of her letters, and also read summaries of & intros to her writings & teachings by various scholars, critics & Blavatsky students.  We also have the letters of the Mahatmas, too and recommendations of study guides, etc. on the letters from the Masters.

Over the years we've searched for and found some of H.P.B.'s writings that had supposedly been lost or at least never it's all here for you to access and read....and study....You will also discover at this site various lists & recommendations of various Theosophical books, as well as other occult, esoteric, metaphysical & religious titles....both in print as well as out-of-print.

We have also provided links to major Blavatsky & Theosophical resources & groups / organizations / societies found elsewhere on the World Wide Web and/or in the real world....PLUS we have a photo gallery and a bookstore, too.

In closing this intro, let us now give you below some choice words of advice (& even warnings against certain pitfalls, etc. to avoid) before you delve any further into our site....This advice (as given in the words of Madame Blavatsky & her Mahatmas) may be helpful in many ways & serve as guideposts as you read, study, research, question, explore, ponder and even meditate on H.P.B.'s life, work, mission & her Theosophical / esoteric/ metaphysical writings & teachings.

Your journey & quest may perhaps start today but where will it end?.....You decide....

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Some Words of Advice....

"...None but the logician, the investigator, the dauntless explorer should meddle with books like this. Such delvers after truth have the courage of their opinions."  H.P. Blavatsky

"As an old proverb based on daily experience has it—'Error runs down an inclined plane, while Truth has to laboriously climb its way up hill.'  Old truisms are often the wisest. The human mind can hardly remain entirely free from bias, and decisive opinions are often formed before a thorough examination of a subject from all its aspects has been made. . . . people are always in the habit of judging things by their appearance, rather than their meaning. . . . "  H.P. Blavatsky

"...Contrast alone can enable us to appreciate things at their right value; and unless a judge compares notes and hears both sides he can hardly come to a correct decision."  H.P. Blavatsky

" the world mental as in the world spiritual each man must progress by his own efforts. The writer cannot do the reader's thinking for him, nor would the latter be any the better off if such vicarious thought were possible..."   H.P. Blavatsky

"Look around you and observe. While two-thirds of civilized society ridicule the mere notion that there is anything in Theosophy, Occultism, Spiritualism, or in the Kabala, the other third is composed of the most heterogeneous and opposite elements.  Some believe in the mystical, and even in the supernatural (!), but each believes in his own way. Others will rush single-handed into the study of the Kabala, Psychism, Mesmerism, Spiritualism, or some form or another of Mysticism. Result: no two men think alike, no two are agreed upon any fundamental occult principles....One and all of those who put their theory in practice are rapidly drifting, through ignorance, into black magic. Happy are those who escape from it, as they have neither test nor criterion by which they can distinguish between the true and the false. . . . A portion of the true [Esoteric, Theosophical] sciences is better than a mass of undigested and misunderstood learning. An ounce of gold is worth a ton of dust. . . . "   H.P. Blavatsky

"Nothing is more dangerous to Esoteric Truth than the garbled and distorted versions disfigured to suit the prejudices and tastes of men in general." H.P. Blavatsky

"Great are the desecrations to which the names of two of the Masters have been subjected. There is hardly a medium who has not claimed to have seen them. Every bogus swindling Society, for commercial purposes, now claims to be guided and directed by 'Masters' often supposed to be far higher than ours! . . . . The sacred names of Occultism and the holy keepers thereof have been dragged in this filthy mire, polluted by being associated with sordid motives and immoral practices, while thousands of men and women have been held back from the path of truth and light through the discredit and evil report which such shams, swindles, and frauds have brought upon the whole subject."  H.P. Blavatsky

"Knowledge for the mind, like food for the body, is intended to feed and help to growth, but it requires to be well digested and the more thoroughly and slowly the process is carried out the better both for body and mind." Master M.

"For a clearer comprehension of the extremely abstruse and at first incomprehensible theories of our occult doctrine never allow the serenity of your mind to be disturbed during your hours of literary labour, nor before you set to work. It is upon the serene and placid surface of the unruffled mind that the visions gathered from the invisible find a representation in the visible world. Otherwise you would vainly seek those visions, those flashes of sudden light . . . which alone can bring the truth before the eye of the soul. It is with jealous care that we have to guard our mind-plane from all the adverse influences which daily arise in our passage through earth-life."  Master K.H.

"On close observation, you will find that it was never the intention of the Occultists really to conceal what they had been writing from the earnest determined students, but rather to lock up their information for safety-sake, in a secure safe-box, the key to which is - intuition. The degree of diligence and zeal with which the hidden meaning is sought by the student, is generally the test - how far he is entitled to the possession of the so buried treasure."  Master K.H.

"For the life of me I cannot make out how I could ever impart to you that which I know [of the Occult Doctrine] since the very A.B.C. of what I know. . . .  is contradicted by you invariably and a priori. . . . either we know something or we do not know anything. In the first case what is the use of your learning, since you think you know better? In the second case why should you lose your time?. . . . You know that in order to enable you to read you have first to learn your letters [of the alphabet]. . . . I tell you plainly you are unfit to learn, for your mind is too full, and there is not a corner vacant from whence a previous occupant would not arise, to struggle with and drive away the newcomer. . . . I. . . give you time to reflect and deduce and first learn well what was already given you before you seize on something else. . . . Learn first our laws and educate your perceptions. . . . Control your involuntary powers and develop in the right direction your will and you will become a teacher instead of a learner. . . . I had to study for fifteen years before I came to. . . [certain] doctrines. . . and had to learn simpler things at first."  Master K.H. to a difficult beginning student.

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