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Letter 15

From H.P. Blavatsky to W.Q. Judge
Undated but probably written late Oct. 1889

My dearest W.Q.J.

If, knowing that you are the only man in the E.S. in whom I have confidence enough not to have exacted from him a pledge — you misunderstand me, or doubt my affection for you, or gratitude, then in addition to other things you must be a flapdoodle. To begin, except my sincere apology for having gone into the wrong box. It appears it is not you (not directly at any rate) but Griggs who has ruffled Bridge's feathers. But the question is: has Griggs acted on his own hook, or have you, Councillors, with yourself at the head made the rule that a President in chair or before taking the chair should pledge himself? If so it's silly, my beloved son. The President of each E. group must first of all pledge all his members in his presence to obey him and make them repeat the pledge & then only pledge himself before them all to the Esoteric Constitution. And there are & will be cases when a member of the E.S. does not like to join a group, wants to remain unknown or apart from others & then if I have confidence in him, I may allow him to remain an unattached member, make this provision, for it is absolutely necessary. Judge, we have too many enemies not to do our level best to keep our good members, & Bridge & Noyes are honest & sincere, both. They may be fanatics & snap their fingers at personalities, but they are true & devoted to Theosophy to death. Now don't be a mule-headed Irishman & do not kick against your best friends. There is nothing I would not do for you & I will stick for you till death thro' thick & thin. Do something to help me; do not make enemies of those who will otherwise remain in our army, simply on account of some damned formality and red-tape rule. You say & write & print you are my agent (of the \ rather, not mine). Therefore, it is easy for you to say that the alteration is made by myself if you have any such rule. And look here, if you dare protest in blue or red pencil against what I write about you in my forthcoming Instructions then — I will curse you on my death bed! You do not know what I do. [Next sentence in another hand.] It will be in praise J. You have to be defended whether you will or not. I am collecting affidavits against Darius H. [?] because he is sure to accuse you one day otherwise than in the R.P.J. and we must clean your skirts & show his as black as they are, & protect you & prepare for it before hand. Now here Bridge will be invaluable.

Take therefore my advice & do your best to keep him in friendship at whatever cost. Mead sends to you his letter to me & my answer to him. This may mend matters but not unless you help me. I see now that it is Griggs not you. But I have an old tenderness to Griggs & do not want to ruffle his feathers in his turn.

Only why the devil you should throw away 3 additional dollars to telegraph, that you had nothing to do in the matter & that you may now resign (very theosophical), I be switched if I know! Judge you have much to endure & you are overworked. But so have I and if you threaten me with such a thing then I better shut up shop. If you take offence at what I may say in a moment of bewilderment & fear of losing good members & thus strengthening the enemy, then the T.S. is indeed a sham & the Cause an
unreachable utopia. For mercy sake, our sake & your own, do mend matters & let us hear no more of it. It is two months I am meditating[?] to alter the wording of the Pledge & now I am doing it. It is just the same, only a little bit more explicit period. May our Saviour, the mild Jesus have you in his keeping. Yours

ever, H.P.B.


[Written sideways, in her own handwriting, in larger script are the words:]

I hate to be accused of wanting to play the Pope and the autocrat.

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