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Letter 14

From H.P. Blavatsky to W.Q. Judge
Dated August 5, 1889


Jersey Isle
Aug. 5, 1889

 My dear Judge

I begin to feel and share your royal contempt for the lights that compose the E.S. Counsel in London. The mistakes made are such that it is enough to tear one's hair out from despair. Something is wrong in the state of Denmark & very rotten, indeed. Now fancy, both the Instructions never received by A. Griggs, he complaining and Bert swearing that he sent them to his Hotel in Boston. Now where are they? If, as I am assured, every package bears on it our address & the post office is asked to return to it the packet if the person addressed is not found, then how is that the P.O. does not comply with the request? Is this Grigg's or Bert's fault? Both bedamned & redamned the two asses! With Bert it is an entire loss of memory; & he can not be trusted with such esoteric business. I have Mead with me now who has memory & brains, likewise. We will see whether this will help.

I have just written to Bridge & others. Nothing that you will do shall ever be discountenanced by me my beloved W.Q.J. You may become guilty of flapdoodles but I will smooth them down. But why the devil do you say I pitch into you? Well you dream, I suppose.

I said to Bridge as follows, in reply to his private hint that I should make Griggs a Councillor instead of him as G. seems jealous of him. "He is too careless and neglectful. But still to keep everything smooth & quiet I would be willing to do so, if things remained as they are: but they cannot so remain. The Seven Councillors are useless, I see. It is regular Presidents of Occult Lodges that we need, Lodges, like the "Horus" of Bradford England, whose 14 men, all of them old Masons & Kabalists work like one man & learn splendidly (vide Lucifer for July). Presidents with full powers and chartered who alone will receive the Instructions & be answerable for them & the members who belong to their lodges. Presidents who will select their members themselves & recommend new ones. In short, the E.S. has to be actively reorganized."

"You heard from Judge I suppose to that effect. What he does now is perhaps only provisionary. If a Council could be called in every city where there are Esotericists it would be well, as before I resume my teachings the E.S. has to be firmly organized. If I have to teach you at all, and teach real Occultism not give out only a portion of the truth & hints as to the rest as I have done heretofore — then I must feel secure. I will not be surprised to see the 2 Instructions published some day in Bundy's Journal. Those already given will not do much harm; were I to continue without shielding the teaching, that[?] which follows will do an immense harm if it falls into the hands of unscrupulous people. Here, and as HPB, I have no right to refuse any one who seeks admission. But the Presidents of Occult groups will have such a right & be bound to do so. Thus there will less risk for me to receive into the Society traitors." etc. etc.

This is what I wrote to him among other things & it does not differ from your programme. But, it is more than necessary to forbid occultism at this junction. We cannot forbid it after the first degree of probation has been passed. No one will accept a life of toil with no powers to reward for it. And you ought to tell it to them. There ought to be a President of the Occult group in every city where there are several Esotericists. About the members who live scattered some other rule must be arrived at if I leave it to your Irish Yankee ingenuity.

Now to other matters. Olcott is coming. He will be here on August 24 or 25th. He wants his sister Isabel Mitchell here and asks you to notify her that he is coming in the last week of Aug. Now I do not know her address nor do I expect very wise[?] or desirable things to come out of this meeting. I will have difficulties enough with him alone; but if she comes then I declare[?] she will upset him as sure as you live. With every year he becomes more easily psychologized by those who pander to him (and I can't) and more stubborn. What shall I do! As I must ask you to notify her, I also leave it to you to see whether it will be in the interests of theosophy to have her, since I feel sure she will be worse for us than a mad bull in a China shop & make him ungovernable & as mad.

Read my letters in Theosoph Se[p]t.[?] in the Aug. Lucifer and see what I mean. If it comes to the worst then I tell you frankly Judge I will break with the T.S. and resign. I cannot bear the idea that I who had brought Theosophy into existence am expected now to bow to Adyar, Harte and the Counsel which is mad [?] to renounce Masters, Occultism & all. I rather see everything damned at once & turn a fresh leaf. Fancy Harte printing foolish reporter's interview, from the N.Y. Times & then put in my own journal still more foolish editorial notes to throw into my [indecipherable word] that the "Blavatsky Lodge" is no Theosophical Society!! And see his impudence. Those who have ears let them hear. 

Yours ever & always


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