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Letter 5

 From H.P. Blavatsky to W.Q. Judge
Dated August 12, 1887


Aug. 12

My dear W.Q.J.

To explain my telegram of today know, that for several days I kept thinking over your letter & that of Coues — feeling the great responsibility you wanted me to assume. The night before last, however, I was shown a bird's eye view of the present state of Theosophy & its Societies. I saw a few earnest reliable Theosophists in a death struggle with the world in general, with other — nominal but ambitious — theosophists. The former are greater in number than you may think, & they prevailed, as you in America will prevail, if you only remain staunch to the Masters' programme and true to yourselves. And last night I saw \ & now I feel strong — such as I am in my body, and ready to fight for theosophy & the few true ones to my last breath. Are you ready to help me carry on the sacrifice — that of accepting & carrying on the burden of life which is heavy? My choice is made & I will not go back on it. I remain in England in the midst of the howling wolves. Here I am needed & near to America, there, in Adyar — there are dark plots going on against me & poor Olcott (which you will understand better by reading Bert's letter & the enclosed one from Olcott) and I could only defend myself — not do any good to the Cause or Society. The defending forces have to be judiciously — so scanty they are — distributed over the globe wherever Theosophy is struggling against the powers of darkness. Let O. remain at Adyar — I will remain here. If you & Coues carry out the plan we will have four great & strong centres America, Paris, India, England.

The words said by \ — "Let both unite & carry out their idea of secret counsel. But to work effectually two conditions are necessary: (1) work in good faith & full accord, pledged to support each other & remain united in weal or woe success or failure. The latter will never be allowed to reach its acme if they are true to each other. (2) In order to silence the (`kickers') & opponents both President & General Secretary must be elected for life." This can be done by your direct followers & has to be done if you would ensure success & have \ to help you in the U.S.A. as "Illarion" helps here. The President being permanent no kicks will do any good. There is not a man in all the U.S. who is better fitted to fight for theosophy & his Society than is E. Coues; there is no man there more devoted to Them & cause, nor more fitted than you are. These are \ 's words. Both you have faults & shortcomings — but your fitness & the peculiar qualifications of both for theosophical work are by far greater. Your polarities so utterly different, can but help to attract people to both ends. They are your strength & power when united in one — the ruin & cause of failure, when separated. Unite, unite, I say; & you will have culminated the object for which, after breaking metaphorically each other's noses you were led to reconciliation. Take my place in America now & after I am gone — at Adyar. If you have no more personal ambition than I have — & I know you have not, only combativeness — then this will be no more sacrifice for you than it was for me to have Olcott as my President, damn him from morn to night & still recognize that there is no better man for the work than he is.

"This is no sacrifice for him" said I — "if I only know my W.Q.J." — "No; none in reality, but the illusion that it is one may yet be strong in the `old' man's body" — \ remarked. Is it so? I hope not.

Dixit — I have no more to say till I receive your answer. I am "yours truly" in the work for ever. Dispose of me — I will be your thing & help you with all my powers when if you do — agree, write to me the instructions & my part of the work & — wait & see.

The "plot at Adyar." It began a little after the last anniversary. I received an address signed by 107 names headed by Subba Row, Cooper Oakly Nield Cook begging me to return to Adyar for the next anniversary. Then S.R. came out with his attack on myself & the 7 principles. (See Bert's letter). Today poor Miss Cook who is dying of a cancer writes to Bert in despair to ask what has fallen upon her brother at Adyar. C.O. & S.R. They intrigue to prevent my returning to Adyar, bringing forward the scare of "Russian spy", of padris etc. They write letters (not S.R.) incessantly that Master is against me & directs S.R. (!) how to palliate the evil I have done!! That the L.L. here is positively lost, having fallen under my evil influence & being psychologized by me. Olcott, as you see writes that the Counsel has passed a unanimous resolution to ask me to postpone my return.

I knew all this; I knew the meaning of Nield Cook's sentence: Subba Row is the only one to save the Society (founded by me!!) & he is preparing a great Reform. Poor fools!

Well I have raised a "Frankenstein" & he seeks to devour me. You alone can save the fiend & make of him a man. Breathe into him a Soul if not the Spirit. Be his Saviours in the U.S. & may the blessings of my Superiors & yours descend on you.

yours — the "old woman,"

but one ready to offer you her inner life, if you begin & proceed with the work.


 Please draw Coues' attention to a new book that appeared by our enemy Lillie. "Buddhism in Christendom." Read pp. 358 & 404 & tell me if there can be found any worse libel than this!

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