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Letter 11

From H.P. Blavatsky to W.Q. Judge
Undated but envelope postmarked London June 5, 1888

My dear Judge

A few words but most serious. Subba Row, Cooper-Oakley N. Cook have resigned from the T.S. & left Adyar. Olcott with his usual tact having, on S.R.'s request, to announce this in the Theosophist, wrote to say in a brief para "non committal as possible" as he expresses it that the reason for it is "the strained relations between him (S.R.) & yourself" (me!). Well, that's probably done. All I know is, that [at the] first word about S.R. or C.O. or any of them S.R. will come down heavily upon myself, Olcott & the S. Doctrine. It will be a new scandal worse than that of Coulomb. It is your address to me in "Path" that broke the last straw. Well, I ask you in the name of the Masters for my sake & that of the Cause, not to mention their resignations by a single word in "Path". Let it pass unnoticed. He is ready to pounce on us, supported by C.O. & M.C. & others. I will not say one word in Lucifer, just as if he had never existed. You know that S.R. claimed for the two past years to be in communication with my Master; actually with [M \ glyph] !!! That he showed Sanskrit letters from Him (no handwriting no indiscrete calligraphy — in Sanskrit!) to himself, & translated them to C.O. The letters were to the effect that he S.R. had to reform the Society, & hinted that I, HPB had been given up by the Masters!! C.O. who has chosen S.R. for his guru, who worships him as does N. Cook believes in him explicitly. What are the "Muslin & bladder Mahatmas" of the Coulombs compared to such doings!! Bus, bus — I must say nothing, however much I may be disgusted. But, as the ranks thin around us, & one after the other our best intellectual Forces depart to turn bitter enemies — I say — Blessed are the pure hearted who have only intuition for intuition is better than intellect. I will copy your paper [&] send it to you this week. 

Yours ever

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