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Letter 17

From H.P. Blavatsky to W.Q. Judge
Undated but probably written around March 7, 1890

[Note from HPB to WQJ on ES Charters (1)]

W.Q.J. is asked to have the following alterations & additions made on the E.S. Charters.


Whereas Brothers of the E.S. (give name of locality) having made known to us their (change from his)

9th [?] line, last word, Brothers


Explanation for W.Q.J.

The "Inner Lodge" of the Dzyan is the name by which the Master's Lodge in the inner Lamasery is known. All the adepts, chelas etc. in that part of the country are known among Lamas as Dzyan-pas. The "we" does not refer to me but to myself & staff— Secretary chosen by Council — besides which, you W.Q.J. as the Chief & only agent of the "Dzyan" in America have to add your signature under mine on each Charter.

The Charters may be prolix & high faluting — perhaps, but they were written out by High Masons those of the Horus Lodge & Rosicrucians. I am sorry but I must beg of you to deliver these permanent charters to every group in your list with numbers & options to them to give name to their Lodges or not.

Yours truly H.P.B.

The Lodges may be known publicly by their names, if they like, but their numbers must not be divulged.


As to the Masters' photos:

1. Every E.S. Lodge may have one copy of each for the Lodge if they desire it.

2. Individual members of the E.S. may also have a single copy of each, subject to the approval of W.Q.J.

Why speak of selling the photos? (2)  Does paying for the bare cost of producing them come under the head of selling? In other words the privilege to the members is simply that of taking copies of the photos at their own expense.

Your suggestions with regard to Mead's work have been attended to.

I do not understand why the pictures of the Masters should become less "sacred" because the photographer who reproduces them has to be paid?

Will W.Q.J. please explain?

His ever

HP Blavatsky


(1)  For a facsimile of an ES charter, see The Original Programme of the Theosophical Society and Preliminary Memorandum of the Esoteric Section by H.P. Blavatsky.   Adyar, Madras, India:  Theosophical Publishing House, 1931.

(2)  These comments by H.P.B. may be in reply to Mr. Judge's letter dated "N. Y. Feb. 25 1890" and addressed to Countess Wachtmeister who was residing with HPB in London.--- B.A.O. editor.

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