Hinduism:  A Short History
by Klaus K. Klostermaier

Table of Contents

 1 Introduction

            What is Hinduism?       

            The Meaning of ``History''       

            A History of Hinduism?

            Problems in Constructing a Historic Schema of Hinduism          

            Attempting a Periodization of Indian History     

            Basic Hindu Source Literature  

2 A Short History of Two Cities: A Microcosm of Hinduism



3 The Beginnings of Hinduism: A Controversy

            The Aryan Invasion Theory      

            Debunking the Aryan Invasion Theory  

            New Chronologies       

            Old vs. New, or Scientists vs. Philologists?       

            The Rgveda - a Code?

            India, the Cradle of Civilization?           

            A Crown Witness for the New Chronology?    

4 A Short History of Vedic Religion

            The Rgveda and its Interpreters           

            The Vedic Indra Religion         

            Purva Mimamsa: Orthodox Vedic Exegesis      

            The Continuity of Vedic Religion          

5 A Short History of Vaisnavism

            The Development of Visnu Mythology  

            The Development of Vaisnava Philosophy        

            Vaisnava Worship and Devotion          

            Vaisnavism Today       

6 A Short History of Saivism

            The Development of Siva Mythology    

            Saiva Schools of Thought         

            Siva Images and Worship        

            Contemporary Developments in Saivism           

7 A Short History of Saktism

            The Development of Devi Mythology   

            Devi Worship and Iconography

            Sakta Philosophy         

            Saktism Today

8 Smartas -- Traditional Hindu Universalists          

9 A Short History of Hindu Philosophy



            Purva and Uttara Mimamsa      

            Hindu Philosophy Today          

10 A Short History of Modern Hinduism

            Beginnings of Modernity in India          

            Hindu Reactions to Christian Missions  

            Hinduism after Independence   

            Hindu Teachers Going West    

            Hinduism Present and Future