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Survival of Death: 
Is There A Life After Death?The Pro & Con
A Bibliography

More than 150 titles are listed BELOW by date of publication. 
Only books of a more serious nature are listed with an
emphasis on books dealing with parapsychological, philosophical
and scientific evidence and arguments.

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1900     Royce, J.  The Problem of Immortality.  Boston:   Houghton Mifflin.

1900     Savage, Minot J.  Life Beyond Death. Putnam.

1903     Myers, F.W.H.  Human Personality and its Survival of Bodily Death.  2 volumes.  London: Longmans, Green.

1909     Lodge, Sir Oliver.  The Survival of Man.   London:  Methuen.  240 pp.

1909     Lombroso, Cesare.  After Death--What? Spiritistic Phenomena and Their Interpretation. Boston: Small, Maynard.  364 pp.

1909     Flammarion, Camille.  Death and Its Mystery: Proofs of the Existence of the Soul.  London:  T. Fisher Unwin, Ltd.

1915     Holt, Henry.  On the Cosmic Relations.  2 volumes.  London: Williams and Norgate.

1915    McTaggart, J.M.E.  Human Immortality and Pre-Existence.   London:  Edward Arnold.

1917     Barrett, William. F.  On the Threshold of the Unseen:  An Examination of the Phenomena of Spiritualism and the Evidence for Survival after Death.
                   New York:  E. P. Dutton.  336 pp.

1919     Hyslop, J.H.  Contact with the OTher World.  New York:  Century Company.

1923     Flammarion, Camille.  Death and Its Mystery: Manifestations and Apparitions of the Dead. London:  T. Fisher Unwin, Ltd.

1923     Flammarion, Camille.  Death and Its Mystery: The Soul After Death.  London:  T. Fisher Unwin, Ltd.

1926     Barrett, William. Death-Bed Visions: The Psychical Experiences of the Dying. London: Methuen & Co.

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1933     Lawton, G.  The Drama of Life After Death.  London:  Constable.

1936     Shirley, r.  The Problem of Rebirth:   The Basis of the Reincarnation Hypothesis.  London:  Rider.

1937     Osborn, Arthur W.  The Superphysical:   A Review of the Evidence for Continued Existence, Reincarnation, and Mystical States of Consciousness. 
                   London:   Ivor Nicholson &Watson, Limited.

1938      Richmond, Z.  Evidence of Purpose.   London:  Bell.

1938.    Saltmarsh, H.F.  Evidence of Personal Survival from Cross-Correspondences.  London: Bell.

1939     Richmond, K.  Evidence of Identity.   London:  Bell.

1943     Baird, A.T.  One Hundred Cases for Survival After Death.  London:  T. Werner Laurie, 1943

1945     Murphy, G.  Three Papers on the Survival Problem.  New York:  American Society for Psychical Research, 1945.

1948     Baird, A.T.  Case Book for Survival.   London:  Psychic Press.

1949     Maritain, J.  Man's Destiny in Eternity.   Boston:  Beacon Press.

1950     Lamont, Corliss.  The Illusion of Immortality.  New York: The Philosophical Library.

1951.    Ducasse, C. J.  Nature, Mind and Death   Open Court Publishing.

1951     Broad, C.D.  Religion, Philosophy and Psychical Research.  London:  Routledge and Kegan Paul.

1953     Johnson, Raynor C.  The Imprisoned Splendour.  London: Hodder and Stoughton.

1954      Smith, Alson J. Immortality; the Scientific Evidence. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice Hall.

1957      Carrington, Hereward.  The Case for Psychic Survival. New York: Citadel Press.

1958.     Broad, C.D.  Personal Identity and Survival.  London: Society for Psychical Research.

1958     Cullman, Oscar.  Immortality of the Soul or Resurrection of the Dead?  The Witness of the New Testament.  London. 

1959      Hart, Hornell.  The Enigma of Survival:  The Case For and Against an After Life.  Springfield, Illinois: Charles C. Thomas.

1961      Crookall, Robert.  The Supreme Adventure:  Analyses of Psychic Communications.  London:  James Clarke.

1961      Salter, W.H.  Zoar, or the Evidence of Psychical Research Concerning Survival.  London: Sidgwick and Jackson.

1961      Stevenson, Ian.  The Evidence for Survival from Claimed Memories of Former Incarnations.

1961      Ducasse, C.J.  A Critical Examination of the Belief in a Life After Death.  Springfield, IL: Charles C. Thomas.

1961      Head, Joseph and Cranston, S.L. (eds).   Reincarnation:  An East-West Anthology.  New York.

1961      Osis, K.  Deathbed Observations by Physicians and Nurses.  New York:  Parapsychology Foundation.

1962.     Broad, C.D.  Lectures on Psychical Research.  London:  Routledge and Kegan Paul.

1962      Brandon, S.G.F.  Man and His Destiny in the Great Religions.  Manchester. 

1965       Stendahl, Krister, ed.  Immortality and Resurrection: Death in the Western World: Two Conflicting Currents of Thought. New York: Macmillan.

1965       Crookall, Robert.   Intimations of Immortality.  London:  James Clarke & Col., Ltd.

1966      Beard, Paul.  Survival of Death: For and Against.  London: Hodder and Stoughton.

1966     Osborn, Arthur W.  The Meaning of Personal Existence:  In the Light of Paranormal Phenomena, the Doctrine of Reincarnation and Mystical States
                   of Consciousness.  London:   Sidgwick and Jackson.

1966      Crookall, Robert.  The Next World---and the Next:  Ghostly Garments.  London:  Theosophical Publishing House.

1967      Head, Joseph & Cranston, Sylvia (comps.) Reincarnation in world thought: A living study of reincarnation in all ages; including selections from the
                   world’s religions, philosophies, and sciences, and great thinkers of the past and present. New York: Julian

1967      Crookall, Robert.  Events on the Threshold of the After-life: “Clues” as to “the greatest of all enigmas.” Moradabad, India: Darshana International.

1967      Brandon, Samuel George Frederick. The Judgment of the Dead. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons.

1968      Toynbee, A.  (ed.)  Man's Concern with Death.  New York:  McGraw-Hill.

1969      Ducasse, C. J. (1979). Paranormal Phenomena, Science, And Life After Death. New York: Parapsychology Foundation, Inc.

1969      Ebon, Martin (ed.)  Reincarnation in the Twentieth Century.  New York:  Signet Books.

1970       Reyes, Benito F.  Scientific Evidence of the Existence of the Soul.  Wheaton, Illinois:  Theosophical Publishing House.

1970      Penelhum, T.  Survival and Disembodied Existence.  London: Routledge & Kegan Paul.

1973      Pearce-Higgins, J.D. and Whitby, G.   (eds.)  Life, Death & Psychical Research: Studies on Behalf of The Churches' Fellowship for Psychical
                   Research and Spiritual Studies.  London: Rider and Co.

1973      Jacobson, Nils.  Life without Death?  New York: Delacorte Press.

1973      Rogo, D. Scott.  TheWelcoming Silence: A Study of Psychical Phenomena and Survival of Death. Secaucus, NJ: University Books.

1974      Walker, B.  Byond the Body.   London:  Routledge and Kegan Paul.

1974      Stevenson, Ian.  Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press.

1974      Smith, Susy.  Life is Forever: Evidence for Survival of Death. New York: Putnam.

1974      Spraggett, Allan.  The Case for Immortality.  New York:  New American Library.

1975      Moody, Raymond.  Life After Life.   New York: Mockingbird Books.

1976      Hick, John.  Death and Eternal Life.  London:  Collins.

1976      Badham, Paul.  Christian Beliefs about Life after Death.  London:  Macmillan.

1976     Toynbee, A.  Life After Death.  New York:  McGraw-Hill, 1976.

1977      Moody, Raymond.  Reflections on Life After Life London: Corgi Books.

1977     Ebon, Martin.  The Evidence for Life After Death.  New York: New American Library.  177 pp.

1977     Smith, Suzy.  Voice of the Dead?   New York:  New American Library.

1978      Lewis, H.D.  Persons and Life After Death.  New York:  Barnes and Noble.

1978    Perry, John.  A Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality. Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing Company

1979     Christopher, Milbourne.  Search for the Soul:  An Insider's Report on the Continuing Quest by Psychics and Scientists for Evidence for Life After Death. 
                   New York:  Thomas Y. Crowell.  206 pp.

1979     Kastenbaum, R.  (editor).  Betwen Life and Death.  New York:  Springer.

1980     Ring, Kenneth, 1980. Life at Death: A Scientific Investigation of the Near-Death Experience. New York: Coward, McCann, and Geoghegan.

1981     Beard, Paul.  Living On: How Consciousness Continues and Evolves After Death.  New York: Continuum.  202 pp.

1981       Moore, Brooke Noel. The Philosophical Possibilities Beyond Death.  Springfield, Illinois:  Charles C. Thomas.

1981.      Wilson, Ian.  Mind Out of Time:   Reincarnation Investigated.  London:  Victor Gollancz.

1981       Christie-Murray, D.   Reincarnation: Ancient beliefs and modern evidence. Newton Abbot: David and Charles.

1981     Walker, Benjamin.  Masks of the Soul: The Facts Behind Reincarnation.  Wellingborough, England: Aquarian Press. 160 pp.

1982      Gauld, Alan.  Mediumship and Survival:  A Century of Investigations. London: Heinemann.

1982      Gallup, George and Proctor, William.   Adventures in Immortality: A Look beyond the Threshold of Death. New York: McGraw-Hill.

1982      Badham, Paul and Badham, Linda.   Immortality or Extinction?  London:  Macmillan.146 pp.

1982      McAdams, Elizabeth E. & Bayless, Raymond. The Case for Life After Death:  Parapsychologists Look at the Evidence.

1984      Lorimer, David.  Survival? Body, Mind and Death in the Light of Psychic Experience,London: Routledge and Kegan Paul.

1984      Kung, Hans. Eternal Life? London: Collins.

1984      Kastenbaum, Robert.  Is There Life After Death?  New York:  Prentice Hall.

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                   The views of a philosopher particularly interested in the evidence for reincarnation.

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