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Mr. Crosbie "IN TOUCH" with the deceased W.Q. Judge?

Robert Crosbie wrote in 1907:

". . . Judge came to Boston. . . . Something however happened then; a veil was lifted. A TIE WAS FORMED which has never since been broken. . . ."

". . . my connection with Judge was INTIMATE ON INNER LINES; these cannot be explained, but to me they are THE ONLY REAL ONES. . . ."

"At the time of the passing of W.Q.J. . . . I was in Boston, and saw no reason to doubt the statements made [about Katherine Tingley by]. . . those in N.Y. whom I believed to be sincere and of good training and judgment. I should have known BY OTHER MEANS the TRUE state of affairs,--but this had happened--when Judge passed out of life, I LOST TOUCH WITH HIM; doubtless I relied on him too much, and had not exercised my own intuition; from later events my comprehension is, that THIS LOSS OF TOUCH [with Judge] was PURPOSELY DONE in order that I might strengthen my weakness in that direction. I went to Point Loma at Mrs. Tingley's urgent request to assist in the proposed work, and was there for two years, helping to prepare the way for the expected developments, BEFORE I BEGAN TO GET BACK THE TOUCH I HAD LOST [with Judge]. . . ." RED CAPS ADDED.

So did Robert Crosbie believe he was in "communication" with the dead William Quan Judge?

If so, is Crosbie's claim any different than the claim that Katherine Tingley was in contact with the dead W.Q. Judge?

Some food for thought.

Daniel H. Caldwell