Recommended Books on the Superphysical by Robert Crookall

The Interpretation of Cosmic & Mystical ExperiencesThe Interpretation of
Cosmic & Mystical

by Robert Crookall 

Hardcover, 192 pp. 

"This work is concerned with cosmic and
mystical experiences, the 'highest' and most
significant of which we are capable."

"Human mystical experiences are here considered,
for the first time, in relation to the correlation
suggested in the author's first book The Supreme
, according to which, in addition to the familiar physical body (which provides 'normal' experiences, along with instinct, emotion and
reason), humans also possess a 'super-physical' Soul Body (with telepathy and clairvoyance) and a transcendent Spiritual Body (with cosmic and mystical experiences)."

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The Supreme AdventureThe Supreme
by Robert Crookall
Hardcover, 288 pp.

"Dr. Crookall has gathered and analyzed
communications from the spirit world which were
available from a wide variety of written sources, primarily through mediums, over many decades...."

"In this meticulously compiled volume, Dr. Robert
Crookall has brought together, from a great many
different sources, what appear to be the personal testimonies of the experiences of death and survival. Taken together they form an impressive body of evidence:
what we have here is an entirely new kind of evidence."

"He builds up a consistent picture of the process of dying and the experiences hereafter."

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The Study and Practice of Astral Projection The Study and Practice
of Astral Projection

by Robert Crookall
Paperback, 241pp.

"...the most comprehensive, systematic, objective and potentially epochal treatise yet to be published on the subject..." - Professor Hornell Hart, Duke University"

"The largest collections of accounts of astral projection have been amassed by Robert Crookall. In his many books. . . he has presented hundreds of cases....The implication of Crookall's argument is that there is an astral body, a vehicle of vitality and a silver cord, and that we survive death to live on a higher plane. He believed that insofar as such a thing could be proved, the many cases he had collected proved the existence of our other bodies." Out of Body Experience FAQ

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Robert Crookall (1890-1981) was educated at Westminster College, London, and Bristol University. He graduated with first-class honours in Chemistry, Botany and Psychology. After taking his Ph.D. he lectured at Aberdeen University. He then joined the staff of the Geological Survey of Great Britain, specialising in coal-forming plants. He helped in the search for new coal-bearing areas, which work culminated in the publication of a monograph on Fossil Plants of the Carboniferous Rocks of Great Britain (1955-70), the standard work on the subject. He was awarded a Doctorate in Science in 1930. Crookall resigned from his geological work in 1952 in order to devote the rest of his life to psychological and paranormal studies.  He has written more than 20 books on the paranormal.

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