Published by Blavatsky Study Center. Online Edition copyright 2004.

To The Members
of the E.S. of the T.S.

by H.P. Blavatsky

[This short letter addressed to H.P.B.'s Esoteric students has never 
been republished or reprinted since it was first issued privately in 1889.]

It having just come to my notice that a letter of mine, calling you Theosophists at large for subscriptions and donations to “Lucifer” (a reprint from the Journal) was sent appended to my No. III of Preliminary Explanations to the Members of the E.S., I take this opportunity to state as follows: —

It was done without my knowledge, and it was contrary to my distinct order never to connect the Esoteric with the Exoteric work, most of all anything connected with the financial business.

I ask, therefore, all the Members of the E.S. who have received the two documents together, to disconnect them absolutely, bearing especially in mind that such appeals for funds have not, nor can they have, any relation — direct or indirect — to the pledge taken.

I am extremely sorry and vexed that such a thing should have happened, as there may be Esotericists who will fancy that I made the “Lucifer” appeal with an eye to the pledged fellows.  Let these know once for all, that NEVER, under any circumstances whatever, would I desecrate the sacred science by connecting it with money matters.

Yours fraternally,

1st November, 1889