Published by Blavatsky Study Center. Online Edition copyright 2004.

[Letter from H.P. Blavatsky
to Henry S. Olcott

[Reprinted from The Theosophist
(Adyar, Madras, India), July 1908, p. 947.]

Adyar, 11th [November 1883]

My Dear Olcott,

Last night about 5 P.M., I was cleansing the portraits in the Shrine and Mr. Coulomb was in my bedroom with two masons mending the window; I suddenly heard Damodar’s voice! I did not believe my ears at first. I saw like a cloud, whitish, transparent, flickering, moving from the Shrine to my table and from the table again to the Shrine, but his voice came from the latter, as though through Mahatma Kashmir’s portrait, and yet it was Damodar’s voice. He was telling me of some Shanker or Sander Sing, asking your mesmeric help for some boys and invalids at Moradabad, and praying that I should beg of the Master to give permission to ask for instructions. "I promised them to come to you personally in my astral soul (?!) and deliver them the Master’s answer to that effect. Please telegraph to me to Moradabad the answer you will now have."  "But I have no answer," I said, "and suppose Master does not choose to answer me." And then a thought struck me, and I told to what I supposed was Djual Khool playing tricks with me, and taking Damodar’s shape: "Now don’t be bamboozling me, Master Benjamin." But then I heard Master M’s voice, who spoke very seriously and said very loud: "You are mistaken, it is Damodar. Tell him to say so and so" (what I telegraphed, I now forget, but He made me write under His direction then.) And then the flickering cloud - Damodar’s abortive attempts to materialise thoroughly, I suppose - disappeared after some words in Maratha as though thanking the Master; "Gurudeva," he called him. Mr. Coulomb came suddenly into the room exclaiming: "Ah! Damodar has returned at last? where is he?" I told him he must be dreaming, that Damodar had not returned. But he insisted that he had heard his voice!! And then Babula joined chorus, and swears to me that he heard Damodar speak to me from the passage. Well, I be hung, if Damodar is not developing at the rate of 60 miles an hour. So much the better.