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Written in the Form of a Commentary on H. P. Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine Expressly
for the Purpose of Those Who Wish to Read and Gain a Deeper Understanding of
The Secret Doctrine --- Presenting an Exposition of the Doctrines of the Esoteric Philosophy,
Analysing and Explaining All the Terms Used

by Geoffrey A. Barborka

Adyar, Madras, India: The Theosophical Publishing House,
xxviii + 564 pages

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TABLE OF CONTENTS:   Detailed Listing Given Below

Preface ( by Geoffrey A. Barborka, dated July, 1958 )
The Significance of Sanskrit Terms: Aids in the Pronunciation of Sanskrit - Pronunciation Chart - Sanskrit Terms in Relation to Mantras
Atmagita (The Song of the Monad)
Introductory: Divine Laws Associated with the Doctrines of the Ancient Wisdom

Chapter I --- The Doctrine of Constant Renewal
The Law of Periodicity - The Second Fundamental Proposition - The Status of the Monad in Relation to Constant Renewal - The Relation of Cycles to the Doctrine of Constant Renewal - Sutratman: The Luminous Thread of Immortal Monadship - Reincarnation: A Phase of the Doctrine of Constant Renewal - Nitya-Sarga and Nitya-Pralaya: Incessant Creation and Perpetual Dissolution

Chapter II --- The Doctrine of Balance and Harmony
The Law of Adjustment - The Lipikas: Their Relation to Akasa and Karma - Karma is Not Fatalism - How the Greeks Regarded Nemesis ( or Karma ) and the Triform Fates - How Man Should Act

Chapter III --- The Doctrine of Hierarchies
The Law of Essential Unity - "The Celestial Hierarchy" - The Kabbalist Hierarchy: The Sephiroth - The Pythagorean Hierarchical Number-Scheme - The Syrian Hierarchical Scheme of the Universe - The Hierarchical Structure of the Earth - The Hierarchical Ladder of Life - The Dhyani-Chohans - The Hierarchs of the System - The Hierarchy of Compassion - "Endless Series of Hierarchies"

Chapter IV --- The Doctrine of Essential Identity
The Law of Self-Unfoldment - Svabhava - Palingenesis - Prototypes - The One Life-Force: "The Initial Existence" - Transmission of the Physical Plasm and "Spiritual Plasm" - The Functions of Jiva - The Transmission of Life-Atoms

Chapter V --- The Doctrine of Continuous Change
The Law of Motion: Motion is Eternal - Progressive Development: The Law of Evolution - Pravritti and Nivritti: Evolution and Involution - The Third Fundamental Proposition: ( The Circle of Necessity - The Acquirement of Individuality - The Doctrine of Metempsychosis - Concluding the Third Fundamental Proposition ) - Human Evolution:   The Lunar Pitris - "Man Preceded Every Mammalian" - Three Distinct Schemes of Evolution for Man: 1. Monadic Evolution - 2. The Evolution of Intellect - The Solar Pitris - "The One Life" and "The Lives" - 3. Physical Evolution - Prototypes: "Original Forms" and "Ideal Forms." - Culmination of Human Evolution: Development of the Saptaparna ) - Concerning the Doctrine of Nirvana - The Purpose of Existence

Chapter VI --- The Septenary Law
The Septenary Law - The Seven Planes - Lokas and Talas - The Seven Element-Principles: Tattvas, Tanmatras, Mahabhutas or Prakritis - The Seven Principles: Explanation of the Saptaparna - Linking the Seven Principles to the Universe - The Seven Ways to Bliss and the Seven Truths

Chapter VII --- The Doctrine of the Spheres
The Doctrine of the Spheres: (1) The Doctrine of the Globes - The Caduceus (2) The Doctrine of Lokas and Talas (3) The Doctrine of the Seven Sacred Planets (4) The Doctrine of the Universal Solar System (5) The Doctrine of the Relationship of the System (6) The Doctrine of Cyclic Journeys (7) The Doctrine of the Relationship of the Monads to the System

Chapter VIII --- The Doctrine of the Races
The Doctrine of the Races - Man's First Appearance - The First Root- Race - The Second Root-Race: "Fiery Lives" ( The Manifestation of the Life-Force ) - The Astral Form Clothing the Monad - The Third Root-Race: ( The Sons of Passive Yoga - Androgynous Humanity - Separation of Sexes Occurred 18,000,000 Years Ago - The Awakening of the Mind-Principle - The Races with the Third Eye - Mythological Accounts of Races with the Third Eye ) - The Fourth Root-Race - The Fifth Root-Race - The Sixth Root-Race - The Seventh Root-Race

Chapter IX --- The Doctrine of the Rounds
The Doctrine of the Rounds: (1) Inner Rounds (2) The Relation of Rounds and Races (3) The Relation of Rounds and Spheres (4) The Relation of Rounds and Watchers (5) The Relation of Rounds and the After-Death States (6) The Relation of Rounds and Principles - Fifth- Rounders (7) Outer Rounds

Chapter X --- The After-Death States
The After-Death States - That Which a Man Longs For, That he Becomes - Two Important Aphorisms - What is it that Dies? - The Process of Dying - The First After-Death State: Kama-Loka - The Second Stage in the After-Death States: The Second Death - The Bardo and the Gestation State - The Third After-Death State: Devachan - Inner and Outer Rounds - Skandhas - The Birth of the Personality

Chapter XI --- The Doctrine of the Two Path
The Doctrine of the Two Paths - The Law of Compassion - The Choice of Four Paths - Ariadne and the Labyrinth - The Seven Stairs - "The Star Whose Ray Thou Art" - The Four Grades of Initiation - The Open and the Secret Paths - The Three Glorified Vestures - The Doctrine of Avataras - Jesus the Christ: An Avatara - The Wondrous Being

Chapter XII --- The Doctrine of Universal Knowledge:
The Doctrine of Universal Knowledge - The Law of "Coming into Being" - Atma-Vidya - "How the One Becomes the Many" - The First Fundamental Proposition - A List of Equivalent Terms - Sat ( Be-Ness ): The Great Breath - Parabrahman: The One Reality - Adi-Buddhi or Adi-Budha - Mulaprakriti: Pre-Cosmic Root-Substance - Spirit and Matter: Two Aspects of the Absolute - Fohat: "The Most Important Character in Esoteric Cosmogony" - Eros = Fohat - Summary of First Fundamental Proposition - The First Logos - The Second Logos - The Third Logos - Pre-Manifestation and the Logoi in the Stanzas of Dzyan - "The First Lesson in Esoteric Philosophy" - The Originating Point of a System - The Primordial Seven - The Central Spiritual Sun - The Voice of the Silence

Index ( pages 521-564 )

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