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The Peopling of the Earth 
A Commentary on Archaic Records in The Secret Doctrine

by Geoffrey Barborka

Wheaton, Illinois: The Theosophical Publishing House,  1975.
xiv + 233 pages

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:  Where do People Come From?
The Significance of the Pilgrim ( the Monad ) - The Seven Principles - The Three Classes of Monads - The Descending and Ascending Arcs of Evolution

Chapter 2:  The Source of the Immemorial Wisdom
The Vedas and the Upanishads - Ancient Scriptures - On Sanskrit and Devanagari - Senzar: The Sacerdotal Secret Tongue - The Book of Dzyan and Kiu-Te

Chapter 3: On the Origin of the Sparks
The Sutratman and the Spark - The Day Be With Us and Paranirvana - The Luminous Sons of Manvantaric Dawn - The Four Yugas

Chapter 4:  The Planetary Regents
Why the Earth is Regarded as the Fourth Sphere - Various Grades of Regents - The Sun is the Giver of Life - The Significance of the Logos - The Seven Regents

Chapter 5: The Seven Sacred Planets
The Seven Planets of the Ancients - The Messengers of Light and Life - The Plea of the Lha of the Earth

Chapter 6:  The Lunar Pitris
Descriptive Names of the Pitris - The Response to the Plea of the Lha of the Earth - The Men of the Earth will be Mortals

Chapter 7:   Preparatory Stages for the Peopling of the Earth
The Earth Undergoes Changes - The "Coverings" of the Earth - The Seven Geological Changes

Chapter 8:  The State of the Earth Prior to its Peopling
The Awakening of a Planetary System - The Condition of the Earth in the Early Rounds - The Earth During a Period of Dormancy

Chapter 9:   "Nature Unaided Fails"
The Creation of Forms Without Guidance - How the Lower Kingdoms were Created - The Cosmic Element-Principles

Chapter 10:  The Brothers of the Fifth
No Fit Rupas for our Brothers of the Fifth - The Significance of "Our Brothers of the Fifth" - The Significance of Planes - The Evolutionary Development of Planetary Systems - The Lunar Chain is Inferior to the Terrestrial Chain - The Dwellings of the Monads

Chapter 11:  The Activities of Superior Beings
The Coming of the Dhyanis - The Moon is Far Older than the Earth - The Earth is Made Bare - The Separation of the Waters from the Land

Chapter 12:  How the Forms for Peopling the Earth were Provided
The Forms of the Lords of the Moon - The Forms Provided by the Pitris - The Pitris Provide an Androgynous Form

Chapter 13:  The Lords of the Flame
The Names of the Lords of the Flame Described - The Activities of the Pitris - Whence Came the Lords of the Flame?

Chapter 14:  The Seven Groups of Monads
The Activities of the Lunar Pitris - Diagram Representing the Seven Primordial Groups - The Chhaya Race - Man is Still Incomplete

Chapter 15:  How Man was Completed
The Sons of Mahat - The Seven Principles of Man - The Forty-Nine Fires - How Man was Completed

Chapter 16:   Chronology for the Peopling of the Earth
The Significance of the Yugas - The Time-Period of the Human Period of Activity on the Earth - The Time-Period of Human Activity on the Globes of the Earth System during the Fourth Round - The Time-Period of the Rounds - The Time-Periods of the Subraces

Index ( pages 219-233 )


1. The Seven Globes of the Earth Chain ( p. 9 )

2. The Mazdean Seven Globes of the Earth Chain ( p. 10 )

3. The Caduceus ( p. 18 )

4. The Seven Globes of the Earth Chain ( p. 55 )

5. The Earth Chain, with Seven Sacred Planets ( p. 72 )

6. The Puranic Seven Globes ( Dvipas ) ( p. 75 )

7. The Moon Chain and the Earth Chain ( p. 122 )

8. The Moon Chain and Earth Chain on Subplanes ( p. 124 )

9. Planetary Reimbodiments ( Cosmic Plane No. 7 ) ( p. 126 )

10. The Seven Human Groups on Seven Zones ( p. 176 )

11. The Forty-Nine Fires ( p. 193 )