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First S.P.R. Report on H.P.B.

From “The Occult World,” pp. 154-5 (Fourth Edition.)

“Two more witnesses who personally know the Brothers next come to me at Simla, in the persons of two regular Chelas, who have been sent across the mountains on some business, and are ordered en passant to visit me and tell me about their master, my Adept correspondent.  These men had just come, when I first saw them, from living with the Adepts.  One of them, Dhabagiri Nath, visited me several days running, talked to me for hours about Koot Hoomi, with whom he had been living for ten years, and impressed me and one or two others who saw him as a very earnest, devoted, and trustworthy person.  Later on, during his visit to India, he was associated with many striking occult phenomena directed to the satisfaction of native inquirers.  He, of course, must be a false witness, invented to prop up Madame Blavatsky’s vast imposture, if he is anything else than the Chela of Koot Hoomi that he declares himself to be.”

Dhabagiri Nath is elsewhere referred to as Mr. Bawaji.