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First S.P.R. Report on H.P.B.

From The Theosophist, December, 1883, p. 81.


(An Open Letter to Madame Blavatsky.)

By Rama Sourindro Gargya Deva.

(We know nothing as yet about the writer of this letter.)


 . . . .  “I come to the consideration of positive proofs required by the Spiritualists from us to demonstrate to them the actual existence of our Masters.  We can offer them no better one than the fact of some of us (the writer included) having lived long years with them. . . .

“Yes; I most emphatically declare that the holy Sages of the snowy range --- the Blessed Himalayan Mahatmas --- do exist, and Guru Deva Koot Hoomi has this one point in common with his presumptuous critics of the West, that he is as much a living man as they.  I have lived with Him; and some of us, Chelas, whose names from time to time have appeared in your journal, still live under their protection and in their abodes.  I, the writer, am one of the privileged.”