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First S.P.R. Report on H.P.B.


Mr. Brown’s account of one of the events more fully described by Colonel
Olcott in his deposition.

Extract from Brown’s “Some Experiences in Indian,” pp. 14, 15

“Moradabad was visited on 10th November, and there an event occurred which furnished a proof on the much-doubted fact that an occultist can project his inner self or soul instantaneously to any place at any distance.

“Colonel Olcott, as we have seen, had been ordered by his Guru to desist from treating patients until further notice, and, when application was made to him by Shankar Singh, of Moradabad, on behalf of two orphan children, he was under the necessity of refusing the request.  Damodar, however, became interested in the matter, and said that he would ask for permission to be granted for this special case.  His Guru, as we know, is Mahatma Koot Hoomi, while Colonel Olcott’s and Madame Blavatsky’s Guru is Mahatma M-----, but by going to Adyar, in astral body, Damodar was enabled, through Madame B-----, to communicate with Mahatma M----- without the knowledge of the Colonel.  Accordingly Damodar retired to his room, went into samadi, projected himself to Adyar, Madras (a distance, as the crow flies, of over a thousand miles) and returned in a few minutes with a message from Mahatma M-----.  The Mahatma had spoken along the communication line established between himself in the Himalayas (where he resides) and his Chela, Madame Blavatsky, at Adyar.  At Moradabad the words were taken down to dictation and the document signed and authenticated by all the gentlemen present.  Damodar had informed us that he had requested Madame Blavatsky to corroborate the fact of his astral visit by telegram, and to repeat the words of Mahatma M----- heard through ‘the Shrine.’  Next morning a deferred night message was received from Madame B-----, which was officially marked as having been dispatched twenty-five minutes after the time of Damodar’s reported visit, and in it the visit was fully corroborated and the Master’s words repeated verbatim.  The telegram was opened in the presence of those who had heard the message dictated on the previous day, and is in the following terms: ‘Voice from Shrine says “Henry can try parties once, leaving strongly mesmerised Cajaputte oil --- rub three times daily to relieve suffering.  Karma cannot be interfered with.”  Damodar heard voice. --- Telegram sent at his request.’ ” --- Vide Theosophist for December, 1883, pp. 88-89.