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First S.P.R. Report on H.P.B.


Though in the following statement Mr. Mirza Moorad Alee Beg gives us no details, his assertions are very strong, and commit him nearly as fully as Madame Blavatsky and Mr. Damodar are committed, to the existence and powers of the Mahatmas apart from the Theosophical Society.


From The Theosophist, August, 1881, p. 230.


“Having just read in the London Spiritualist a review of Mr. Sinnett’s book, ‘The Occult World,’ I find in it more than a doubt expressed as to the reality of the ‘Brothers,’ that body of mystics to which the personage known as ‘Koot Hoomi Lal Singh’ belongs.  The Editor of the paper would have his readers believe that the said person is a creation of Madame Blavatsky’s fancy.  ‘Mr. Sinnett,’ he says, ‘has never seen Koot Hoomi, nor does he mention that any other Theosophist in India has had that privilege.’

“As some persons may express the same doubts, and also some, while admitting their genuine character, may attribute them to agency other than that to which Madame Blavatsky refers them (the so-called ‘Brothers,’ &c.), I hereby declare that not only have I within the last few days seen one of the persons so designated at the Headquarters of the Society at Bombay, but that I have very good reasons (which I cannot go into more fully now) to know that the said persons are not ‘spirits’ but real human beings exercising powers out of the ordinary.  Both before and after my connection with the Theosophical Society I have known and conversed with them personally and witnessed the most wonderful results (which would ordinarily be described as miraculous), but I must emphasise my declaration that I do not regard them as supernatural and am altogether materialistic (or rather naturalistic) in my conceptions of the agency producing them.  Further I testify that I have the strongest conviction, based on reasons which, though authoritative, are purely natural and physical, that the said ‘Brothers’ are a mysterious fraternity, the ordinary location of which is the regions north of the Himalayas.

“Acting President of the ‘Saorashtr Theosophical
“ ‘Society’ at Bhaunagar.”


“The criticisms upon Mr. Sinnett’s book ‘The Occult World’ force upon me the duty of testifying from personal experience and knowledge to the fact that those whom we call our ‘Brothers of the First Section,’ of whom ‘Koot Hoomi Lal Singh’ is one, and who possess the so-called ‘miraculous’ powers, are real and living beings and not disembodied spirits as the Editor of the Spiritualist would have his readers think.  It is but by a long course of study and training that such can be attained.  It is not belief with me but knowledge, for, if I have seen one of them, I have at least seen about half a dozen on various occasions, in broad daylight, in open places, and have talked to them, not only when Madame Blavatsky was in Bombay but even when she was far away and I here.  I have also seen them at time when I was travelling.  I was taken to the residences of some of them and once when Colonel Olcott and Madame Blavatsky were with me.  Further than that I cannot say, and shall not give any more information either about them or the places they reside in, for I am under a solemn obligation of secrecy and the subject is too sacred for me to be trifled with.  I may, however, mention that I know ‘Koot Hoomi Lal Singh’ personally and have seen and conversed with him when Madame Blavatsky was here as also when she was far away.  But under what circumstances I am not at liberty to disclose.

“We Hindus who know the ‘Brothers’ think it equally absurd and ridiculous to insinuate that either Madame Blavatsky is a lunatic or an impostor, or that persons like Mr. Sinnett could have ever become her dupes.  Neither is she a medium, nor are the ‘Brothers’ ‘disembodied Spirits.’



“I have had the honour to be a member of the Theosophical Society for upwards of two years, and during that period my relations with the Founders have been so cordial and intimate that I can with confidence leave myself entirely to their guidance, so deep is my trust in the purity of their motives and the steadfastness to the cause they represent.  Not this alone.  They have not once raised false hopes which only end in vain regrets.  What they have asserted they have proved abundantly.  And I have to thank Madame Blavatsky in a very especial degree for having given me opportunities to realise, --- what is generally supposed to be the mere creatures of that lady’s imagination --- the existence of the ‘Brothers.’  Other deserving Fellows of our Society have had the same felicity as myself.  So long as I live I shall continue to offer my heart-felt homage to the Himalayan Brotherhood, who from their far retreat condescend to watch the progress of this Society, and even the interests of some of its individual Fellows.



“We, the undersigned Theosophists, having read in the London Spiritualist the review of Mr. Sinnett’s book ‘The Occult World’ and the doubts thrown therein upon the actual existence of a Brother of our First Section known as Koot Hoomi Lal Singh, with the sole object, as we infer, of supporting the theory of ‘disembodied Spirits,’ consider it our duty to protest.

“In common with some other Theosophists of Bombay, we have had, on several occasions, the honour to see these ‘Brothers’ of our Society’s First Section.  We have thus been led to know that they represent a class of living, not ‘disembodied’ men or ghosts - as the Spiritualists would insist upon; that they are in possession of the highest virtues and psychic capabilities, and have, as we are assured from the opportunities we have been permitted to enjoy, ever exerted such powers for beneficent purposes, regarding the whole humanity as a Universal Brotherhood, but keeping aloof from the world for reasons best known to themselves.