Published by Blavatsky Study Center. Online Edition copyright 2004.

[Madame Blavatsky on Swami Dayanand]

[Reprinted from The Bombay Gazette, March 31, 1882, p. 3.]

MADAME BLAVATSKY, in her official capacity as corresponding secretary of the Theosophical Society has written a long letter, for which it is impossible for us to find space, taking exception to the statements recently set forth on the part of a certain learned Pundit in regard to that Society. Madame Blavatsky denies that the Theosophical Society ever became a branch of the Arya Samaj, but says that the latter became a branch of the Theosophical Society. The Swami Dayanand was accepted as a teacher on the faith of misrepresentations, but when it was found that he had views of theology altogether incompatible with those of the Society he was shunted from the post. The theosophists are eclectic; they see a [great] deal that is good in the Vedas, in Buddhism, and in Zoroastrianism, but they don’t give all their affections to any one of these forms of religion. Still, it appears, they are Buddhists, and have been so now for a good many months. The Swami’s declaration that they don’t know the occult science of the Yogis Madame Blavatsky declares is true in so far as this, --- that neither she nor Colonel Olcott is able to swallow twenty-five yeards of dhotee cloth to wipe up and clean the interior. This, it appears, the venerated Swami’s Yogis can do at will. But as a set off to this, Mr. Sinnett is preparing a second edition of his great work on the Occult World, in which he will tell us a great deal more than we yet know about the mysterious "will-power" and other secrets of the theosophists.