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by Parvati Charan Ghosh

[Reprinted from Supplement to The Theosophist
(Adyar, Madras, India), April 1884, p. 66 ]

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The following is the substance of a letter sent to the Editor by Babu Parvati Charan Ghosh, a Fellow of the Satya Marga Theosophical Society of Lucknow: -

At the request of Pandit Pran Nath, the President of our Branch Society, I beg to report an account of the following occurrence. When the Pandit left Madras after the anniversary celebration, he stayed a few days at Allahabad on his way home. Here it occurred to him to write a letter to the Masters, to obtain information in regard to certain matters. He wrote the said letter, handed it to a probationary Chela residing there, and that Chela sent it with an explanatory note to Mr. Damodar K. Mavalankar, asking him to submit it to his Guru.

When the explanatory note arrived, Mr. Damodar was surprised not to find the letter in question enclosed, and therefore wrote back to the Chela, that he was glad the letter to the Mahatma was by some oversight (as he supposed) not forwarded; because since the VIIth anniversary celebration in Bombay he had received strict injunctions not to accept any letters addressed to his Guru.

The fact, however, is that Pandit Pran Nath’s letter was forwarded from Allahabad; and the mystery was solved, when, on opening Mr. Damodar’s letter, it was found to contain a Chinese envelope, addressed to the said Pandit, and containing a reply from the Mahatma. The letter, as sent by Mr. Damodar, was sufficiently stamped; but when it arrived it required additional postage on account of the Master’s reply. The paper on which it was written was of a peculiar kind, such as cannot be found in India. We merely mention these facts with a view to stimulate our Brothers in their search for truth, and to remind them that whenever they deserve the notice of the Mahatmas, such notice will be taken. If any further information in regard to the above related case is desired by any Theosophist, it can be obtained by applying to our President.

24th Feb. 1884.