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K. Paul Johnson's House of Cards?
A Critical Examination of Johnson's Thesis on
the Theosophical Masters Morya and Koot Hoomi

by Daniel H. Caldwell

"I Was There"

"All knowledge of the past which is not just supposition
derives ultimately from people who can say ‘I was there’. . . ."

John Carey. Eyewitness to History.
Harvard University Press,1987.


• Part I:        Johnson's Thesis in Light of Colonel H.S. Olcott's Testimony about the Masters
• Part II:      Will The Real Master Morya Please Take His Turban Off
• Part III:     Other Testimonies of Encounters with the Master Morya
• Part IV:    Mohini Chatterji’s Alleged "Deception"
• Part V:    ‘Saib Kashmere’ = ‘Saib Morya’ = Ranbir Singh of Kashmir???
• Part VI:   Who's Pulling Whose Leg? Or How Can You Tell When It Is "Disinformation" or Not?
• Conclusion

Further Comments

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Chart Showing Interpretations of Some of Henry S. Olcott's Encounters with the Masters by Daniel H. Caldwell
Henry S. Olcott's Testimony:  Nine Accounts of Meeting Masters and Adepts compiled by Daniel H. Caldwell